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Horoscopes Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Published: Tuesday, 22 August 2017 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.
Horoscopes Tuesday 22nd August 2017

As the cheery Sun enters the thoughtful and intellectual sign of Virgo, we may be in planning mode over the coming weeks.

At the same time, feisty Mars aligns with sobering Saturn, so if we need take action now our ability to concentrate can be excellent. For your FREE Daily Horoscope Tuesday 22nd August 2017 please see below...

Horoscopes Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Aries 21 March - 20 April

The stirring activity in your creative sector may have contributed much to the past weeks, bringing interesting options and a chance to move in a new direction. The emphasis shifts from today though, with lifestyle matters coming to the fore, which can be a call to manage your time. Getting more organized could serve you well, especially if you are considering a fresh start Aries. 

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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

A more light-hearted and playful energy can show up from today, providing a pleasant contrast to the busyness of previous weeks. Although yesterday's Eclipse in your home zone can be an indicator of new beginnings, it could also bring fresh responsibilities as a result. Yet adding a creative touch to your plans might transform them into something sparkling and special Taurus.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

If you have been offered an unexpected opportunity to explore a new path, then you may be delighted by this chance. You might though, need some time to consider the implications and to reflect on what this means for you. As the Sun eases into a private sector for a four week stay, this can be an opportunity to take a step back and consider how this fits into your present plans.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

If you'd been hoping for a breakthrough concerning worldly or material matters, then it may be on its way. Furthermore, events yesterday might have boosted your resolve to keep going and to take matters into your own hands by making a bold move. At this point, seeking out sound advice could be crucial to your progress and can lay the groundwork for further opportunities.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

If yesterday's Solar Eclipse brought fresh developments, then your horoscope hints that there may be more in the pipeline. The cosmos encourages you to look at the resources you have available and to consider how much you'll need to invest to get your ideas up and running. With interactive Mercury continuing its retrograde phase though, it's just as well to prepare financially for any new adventures.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

As the Sun enters your sign for a four-week stay, it can bring an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Yet, the focus on a subtle sector can continue to imbue you with inner purpose, so you may be keen to translate this into something meaningful to you and your life situation. This can be a great opportunity to do something dear to your heart, and to do it to the best of your ability.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

With the Sun moving into a quieter sector, the coming weeks can be a call to take time out for reflection and to recharge. If you've had a lot of information to deal with lately, this can be an opportunity to empty your head and get a sense of perspective Libra. Nevertheless, with some very solid aspects encouraging social interaction, you may have to schedule time to do so.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

If you've enjoyed your time in the spotlight, then any gains you've made could lead to solid opportunities if you continue to put in the effort. A lively focus on your social sector suggests that socializing could help you here. The coming weeks can be a chance to move in new circles Scorpio, but also to link up with former friends or colleagues who may be helpful to your cause.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

You may be eager to do the groundwork so you can get moving on an idea. Although this might not be the most exciting part of a project, the stellar backdrop suggests that in this instance you may be eager to push ahead. Along with this, the coming weeks can be an opportunity to showcase your best abilities and gain admirers who might want to sample your skills Archer

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Yesterday's turbo-charged New Moon may have acted as a catalyst that pushed you to embrace a new adventure, and one that could influence you profoundly. Indeed, you may be on the verge of an opportunity that you have coveted for some time. The coming weeks can see you learning something to your advantage in this respect, and benefiting from it in so many ways.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

You may sense that an issue between you and another is changing for the better, and this could be because Saturn is preparing to reverse direction and move forward later this week. If this person has held quite strong views and refused to budge, then they might show signs of changing their mind. Over coming weeks, they could become ardent supporters of a plan they'd opposed.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

If you made a decision recently, you might feel moved to reach out for reassurance and advice today, especially if it's fairly significant. Having someone to confide in who can lend you the benefit of their experience could give you the confidence to go ahead. Don't feel you have to tackle this alone, when asking for help could make the whole process so much more enjoyable.

Horoscopes Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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