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Uranus and Pluto

Published: Tuesday, 28 January 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Ever watched a toddler learning shapes, frustratingly keep trying to put the square shape into the circle space. After a temper tantrum or two, they eventually accept that they must find an alternative. Well, little did they know this lesson would be good preparation for later life, when that Uranus/Pluto Square came along!

For even when grown up, there are times when the universe forces a square into the circle of life, telling you the shape things are in needs changing. Take no notice, and the universe will keep thrusting squares into this circle of life, causing a ‘wreck-tangle’, until we shape up!

Well, that seems to be what is happening now, as the universe has been serving up a few rather unappealing square meals, in the form of a planetary square between erratic Uranus and destructive Pluto. Even though in the long run, these may be necessary to improve the beneficial health of our society and create a new order, now many would just like to place a new order!

Due to these square meals humanity has been receiving of late having been accompanied with a pretty hefty charge. While erratic Planet Uranus alone produces unpredictable and uncontrollable results, its energy being unruly, groundbreaking and highly charged to the point of explosive. However, coming into contact with domineering, deep-rooted Pluto, the Planet associated with the atomic and nuclear, makes for volatile times. Therefore, this edged square is making us all a bit edgy, from causing freak weather conditions resulting in life loss and land property, to exaggerating fears and threats. Thus, further unsettling nations, inciting civil uprisings and violent clashes.

What is more, Uranus and Pluto are slow-moving Planets, who consequently rarely meet up, so when they do, there is much to get through, taking time and making a lasting, generational impact. However, it is still just ‘down to business’ with these two, as both are impersonal, Outer Planets, whose influence is widespread, operating on a societal level. The last significant of which we witnessed in the 1960’s, igniting the 60’s revolution and Flower Power movement, out of disillusionment, chiefly at the handling of Vietnam.

However, at this time Uranus and Pluto were in harmony in the intellectual Sign of Virgo, uniting individuals to profoundly question the turn of events. Now we are speaking in ‘the present tense’ in every sense, as Uranus in Aries forms a stressful angle to Pluto residing in Capricorn. This square aspect last experienced in the 1930’s, as out of the Great Depression and peaking unemployment, came the rising control of Adolf Hitler, a manifestation of Pluto power if ever there was one. This autocrat then utilised Uranus’s presence for malevolence in the development of harmful weapons, while being personally able to spread his message all over Germany, through air travel and transmissions.

While this current transit between Uranus and Pluto causes the re-emergence of similar concerns, with economic conditions repeating the same downturn. This time around, the knowledge of history grants us with the opportunity to act differently, and not turn a blind eye. Instead of feeling cornered by this 90 degree angle Uranus and Pluto is forming, we should instead view it for what it is, the chance to head in the right angle! Although current events are forcing us to face this direction head on, as the only alternative is to retrace the road taken, essentially regressing backwards. However, as we turn, the past reflects closer than we realise in our rear-view mirror.

For the present Uranus/Pluto square root stems from the revolution of the 1960’s, when the 138 year synodic cycle began. Then there existed a disenchantment with those holding power, many feeling deceived and outside of the inner grand circle of the few. Now the same mood exists, but the tension from the Uranus/Pluto square, coupled with its placement in initiating Cardinal Signs, Aries and Capricorn, is a call for action. This aspect awakes and disrupts just to get a ‘re-action’, as it desires change, however abrupt. Therefore, this change will affect those holding and misusing power and their egos, as governments fall and new powers rise, observe just Egypt and the Ukraine. While nature has no mercy bringing continued upheaval and loss, questioning our true values personally and universally. For until we break with old habits beginning on an individual level, we will continue to lose, leaving us with only our faith to compensate, as spiritual Neptune remains in soothing Pisces.

Fortunately though, while a circle has no beginning or end, as our life cycle continues to regenerate. This square does have an end date in sight, having commenced in June 2012; even though it has been making its presence felt from early 2011; this Uranus/Pluto square’s final ‘sail-by date’ is set for March 2015. At which time it is hoped humanity will have shelved outdated and unwholesome conduct and be heading down the right aisle. Meanwhile until then, like a toddler continually shoving the same unwanted item into your basket, we still have a few more unwelcome ‘en-counters’ before the final checkout.

The 21st of April this year being the next of ‘seven-up’, as this period consists of seven heightened pressure points. This sees Uranus/Pluto square joined by Mars and Jupiter, forming a challenging Cardinal grand cross; this will mark the rebirth of the United States as a nation, having long-term reverberations beyond its boundaries, in a domino effect.

For Uranus in impulsive Aries and cautious Capricorn, Pluto may seem at odds in their style of initiating action, like trying frustratingly to pull the sword from the stone. However, when the realisation dawns that these two are not weapons against each other, but tools to destroy the old and rebuild anew together, true enlightenment comes. Then the process of removing power from this exclusive round table of the inner circle can begin, as this square comprises of all ‘for’ sides!

Uranus and Pluto
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