Indian Horoscopes 2017

Aries 21 March - 20 April

You may have been having doubts about your life direction in the last year but you don't have to worry anymore.

Planets are in your favor for 2017, so it is going to be a good year.

You can expect a lot of positively and growth in the coming year both in your career and relationships. You may want to place more of your focus on the growth of your career this year. If you do, you will feel exhilarated as your superiors sing your praises at work. It will be a beneficial boost to your health, both in body and mind. Don’t invest money anywhere without thinking carefully. Sooner or later you will realize that 2017 is all about saving and not spending unnecessarily.

You might get involved in difficult relationships during this time, while other areas of your life will pick up speed of betterment from July. Give your mind a break, as your plan of setting up a new business seems becomes prominent. The first quarter of the New Year will be especially challenging. The good news is that most of these challenges you will be able to overcome and that in itself will create new opportunities in your career for the future. Romance is not ruled out for some of you, if it does happen, then the first three months of 2017 will be most likely. Some pending family problem will be rectified by the middle of the year. There is a great opportunity for some of you to travel abroad during the second quarter of the year. Certain people will see their name and fame becoming enhanced. People shall restructure the basic infrastructure of their businesses. These people will have a constructive frame of mind, which will bring good luck to them. You will reach the pinnacle of your professional career between May and September. Lady luck will smile on you, granting plenty of opportunities. You would enjoy monetary benefits during last four months of this year.

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Get ready for amazing changes this year. The second half of this year especially will greet you with a much awaited professional break. If there is any point for a pilgrimage or an inner journey, it is later on in the year, and turning your energy inwards will be particularly rewarding. You will feel calm, while also being excited about life. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to travel or to do something you have always dreamed of doing. Make it happen. Live life the way you want, as there won’t be any physical or mental dilemmas. It’s not that minor issues will not affect, it’s just that you will recover quickly. This is something which happens to us all and should not be worried for. In the beginning of the year the natives might get some social or political post of responsibility. Career would be more gainful in a planning or a thinking phase rather than a proactive phase. The second quarter of the year is going to be a phase where you would need to learn to handle your relationships with utmost care. Financially, your motto during this year should be to conserve your existing resources rather than expanding the resources. The house of marriage and partnership look well, and the house of love or short term romance both are very strong or supportive for this year. Those who are looking for a prosperous career will achieve it during the first or fourth quarter of this year. Your financial platform remains strong and there is a chance for you to acquire property. Students will have to work a little harder to achieve their goals. There will be some hurdles, but you may be able to accumulate wealth after the third quarter of this year. Traveling stars are very strong during the months of May to July.

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Gemini 22 May - 21 June

There will be many challenges along the way, but if you make good use of the optimism that Gemini’s are so famous for, you will undoubtedly overcome any obstacles, and reach your targets in the process. The end of the year will bring about the chance for complete inner transformation, and by November you will find yourself more concerned with your religious and spiritual growth. If taking a deeper look into your future, you might get hit by complications related to stomach, indigestion, sexual problems, pain in joints and lower region of body during second quarter of this year. Please try to avoid all speculative investment during this year, instead just concentrate on steady and stable but sure growth. There is probability of marriage of unmarried natives. Some auspicious ceremony is also on the anvil. Your relationship may blow hot and cold throughout this year; it depends on how you react to situations and how you take them forward. Support is one of the key feelings for you, especially in the second quarter onwards, and will be one of the reasons that you are so likely to succeed in whatever it is that you are doing. 2017 is a very favorable year for you, and your overall level of well being will be very high. This is due largely to your success in both your career and in your relationships with friends, family and lovers alike. Don't let one idea dominate your mind. Instead try to keep yourself balanced between honest enquiry and skepticism. It is a great year for you if you are the service industry. Strategies will be planned against you by your opponents. As per Taurus predictions 2017, money will reach you from more than one source. Shares will increase your finances, but only after July. You are blessed with a disease free body in general and this very trait will continue this year and you will have a healthy physique.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Everyone is on your side during this time. This will be especially helpful in your growing career, which you can learn more about soon. Your love life is also set to be very positive and wholesome in the year 2017. You will deepen your connections with lovers, as well as with friends and family. You will also meet some new friends, who will come to add to your growing network of support. The emphasis will be on depth and meaning, and you may even find that life changers such as marriage and children could be on the cards. This is a golden opportunity for you, as you could learn a lot about yourself and the world that you live in. Long term investments can be made with chances of earning good profit in the long term. 2017 is outstanding for love and romance. Special moments will be spent with your sweetheart and you will spend quality time together. Things might not go that good initially, but everything will get better with time. Natives who are into business will reap beneficial results this year. If you are a business partner with your spouse, extreme profits are assured to come your way. This year is indeed auspicious for buying new property. Students are also likely to go abroad for further studies. This year signifies that partnerships both in personal life as well as in your professional life will be the key focus in your life during the year 2017. Your overall income will also increase during this year, especially by the end of the year. There will be happiness in the family in the form of either a child birth or marriage. Natives may get rewards if they take some calculative risks in their occupation. There might be some chances towards the accomplishment of a business trip. Favorable planetary position will get your creative juices flowing, so a lot of inventive and artistic work is likely to come your way in 2017.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

The New Year will come with a sparkling atmosphere at the work place and you would be able to give your best which will help you get support from seniors. However, real charm and essence of love will fill your life after August. Cordiality and affection will strengthen your bond with family members. Listen to what they suggest and you will enjoy life at its best. You also make certain efforts to change your line of work as you are always ready for sudden changes in your life. Just like you, your spouse will also share great bonding with your father and mother as well. Self control has always been the best remedy, but it is not possible to be followed by everyone. Family friends and other colleagues will be a source of immense help in times of emotional crises. Your enhanced reputation shall also help natives to expand businesses. Though you are likely to face challenges at the work front, new opportunities would consistently burst forth. Just make sure you do not let them slip away. Health could be bit difficult, but your ironclad willpower can get you through difficult times. Your children would gain utmost importance and it would be wise to keep them central to every calculation. Financial gains would boost as well, along with the prospects of forming a new love relationship. You will be calculative while dealing with your finances and the year 2017 should bring bright opportunities for building your personal savings. Stay close to your family members. The strategy of the planets clearly shows that you will receive the support of higher authorities and women during this year. Money will keep flowing like usual; and you will spend more on entertainment and the comforts of life.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

Planets have moved favorably in the cosmic zone, making way for happiness around children. Broadly speaking, this is the time to get the ball rolling in the workplace and take advantage of the opportunities coming your way now. Issues that have been troubling you for a long time are now finally overcome and you can see this change from the second quarter of the year. Family life stays perfectly happy and peaceful. Those who wish to travel abroad may get their chance during the first half of the year. This year will provide you with solid support in any tough times that are to come, and you will come to know who is meaningful to you. Your spouse would bestow their love and affection towards you, but on the other hand your children may obey your rules. Working from early morning till late evening is really hectic and exhausting. But, things will change and you will reap goodness in your job after August. You will work sincerely at work and you will have continuous income. To accumulate money, you can opt for other ways too. This year, you will share a cordial bond with your life partner. Minor tiffs are normal and important to nurture every relationship. Being focused towards your target is the best remedy you can adopt. There shall be big investments in the establishment of the ventures and businesses. Natives will buy good worth of valuable ornaments in the beginning of the year. Chances of change of residence exist for you. For married couples, prospects of baby birth or conception are high during 2017. There might be some expenditure that will be incurred on repair of immovable property or machinery in the first quarter. The positive aspect is that you maintain honesty despite your dual behavior. Students will show their caliber in studies. Elders will fare better compared to previous years.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

There are many interesting things waiting for you this year. During the first quarter, there is a chance for a new addition to the family which may be marriage of the eligible also. You may also procure a new property or renovate an existing one. If you are single then the best times for new love are in July until October. This year will open doors of success for natives within the media. Other than these professionals, 2017 is rewarding for people in IT and engineering too. During this quarter, younger siblings might look out for help. You will get opportunities to meet friends and will try to solve your problems with their help. Health might not trouble you this year. Most of this year will be spent in cherishing golden moments together. Smile as much as you can because this year is extremely rewarding for all businessmen. Benefits more than you can imagine are foreseen entering your life. Those who are into business related to education or similar fields will also welcome rewards in their life. Natives’ income would increase positively thus making them prosperous and thriving. One source of income will remain permanent while others will be temporary. You would spend quality time with your loved ones and they will be very close to you. You may change your career periodically. You love the changes and you tend to hate monotony in life. You may spend your time in music. Yes, these days are truly exciting times for you, and you can expect that for once your life can be a bit more about you. All of this may be accompanied by improvements in lifestyle, so you might find that you are spending more money. All your aspirations and hopes will come alive during this year.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

2017 is your year to earn prestige and success on the work front. This time will be satisfactory and economically you’ll gains some profits from other sectors. Your social reputation can be enhanced amidst the social circle. Between July and September; there is an increased opportunity for you to get promotion. During the last quarter of this year, things can fall into their respective places for people who are pursuing education. Abundant success will enter your life this year. Leave behind tension and enjoy this beautiful phase of life. Regarding your relationship with your mother, it will strengthen cordially. However, alternative ways to make money will be illegal, yet successful. Income will knock at your door from more than one source. Your relations with your seniors will be cordial, but you need to sort out your laziness. You may not be able to control your excessive expenditure in the last quarter. In a nutshell, you would have to keep an eye on your money flow and maintain the balance between inflow and outflow so as to enable yourself to avoid any major financial crisis. Travel is also largely on the cards, and you can expect at least a couple of short trips, and perhaps longer ones. If travel is part of your work then the planets are in your favor, and will bring you prosperity in your international meetings or transactions. Stability rules your life and you tend to ponder over simple things. Repetitive tasks are a complete passé for you and you tend to look forward to the interesting things in life. Younger family members will come across a lucrative landmark in their educational career thus enabling them to gain a strong foothold. People will re-commence many long-standing assignments during this year and will also be successful in completing them.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

2017 will prove positive in creating an acquaintance who will share in your ideals and views and you will be enthusiastic. Health and relationship issues often revolve around issues that are essentially psychological, and you will have to come to resolves within yourself in order that your physical situation improves. There is good news on the professional or career front, as you have nothing to worry about during this year. Some auspicious ceremony is also on the anvil. Your level of comfort could be low, while problems in relationships could crop up too, especially in the second quarter of the year. There is a strong probability for the expansion of immovable property. This year natives will remain blessed with gains in business and finances in all ventures. Sincere people will get ample support from their friends and co-workers to attain new peaks in their career. There will be fewer hurdles in your endeavors. Your love life will go great for you throughout this year. As per astrology, romance and passion will keep the flame of intimacy strong between you. You would be able to develop your love matters and could take things further as per your expectations. Enjoy your life the way it is and don’t make any changes to it. Mentally, you may be satisfied and content during the year. Your efforts would take place and you would be in a better position than in the past. All your health issues will be rectified and you are going to enjoy excellent health all through this year.  Those who are willing to travel abroad will get their chance. You’ll have the upper hand in terms of earning and would be able to accumulate good wealth in the beginning of the year. You may seek education at times when you do not feel that life is offering you enough. For students, the year 2017 definitely suggests periods of study, and success in exams.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

A good time at the beginning of this year is waiting for you. You would have to get ready to welcome all eventualities. There would be lots of golden opportunities coming natives’ way, especially during the period from February to June. These people will have reasons to be very optimistic during this year. They will be at the peak of their energy levels. Your personal life continues to run quite smoothly more for the second half of the year, and your charm and sociable aspects are given a boost. Now is the time to utilize any fantasies that you may have been visualizing. Natives might go on a journey with family members. Business people will obtain gains from various sources. Career would experience certain challenges and some powerful trends will build up due to the level of contact with new people. This year shows a really enjoyable time where you can relax and spend a lot more time than usual with your friends. Fortunately, natives will be getting efficient loans on easy conditions with favorable atmosphere for marketing too. Financial gains would be high and income would be substantial in 2017. You would come across plenty of opportunities and projects to show your potential and earn extra cash too. You are going to make some new friends that will end up being top quality, and you will spend time with old acquaintances. Your jovial mood will add to fun, and bring smiles to yours and your friends’ faces. Children of marriageable age will get married this year. Children who are pursuing education will have a bright year ahead. The auspicious stars will help natives to maintain their health. Your schedule will be tight and you will work really hard during the whole year. Your efforts will not go to waste.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

Health might be affected slightly due to excessive work load. You may have to control your mood swings on a couple of occasions this year. Of course, you would always do well to keep your temper in check. However, as the year rolls by, things would be calm and content again. You may encounter many obstacles along the way, but with confidence and hard work you will be able to overcome them all. You don't want to accept anything less than success. However, avoid worrying needlessly as there is nothing major that is going to cause worries. Nothing can prevent you from making the most of any opportunities. You will also be recognized for your hard work. Overall, your relationships are harmonious, and your personal life well balanced within work. One family member is about to relocate to some other city. Problems concerning siblings or children will get sorted out on their own. Behave well with one and all at work to let positively continue. Natives will be worried on account of tensions from their children regarding their health and education for some time during the middle of the year. Many profitable ventures are going to soon come up. This is the best time for starting a new business. There will be expansions and growth in work opportunities. This year natives will stay in the work related competition and grow rapidly on the professional front. The efforts and labour of the past year would come to fruition this year. You would be able to reap the benefits now. Opportunities would be abundant; all you need to do is embrace them wholeheartedly. It will be an overwhelming New Year with plenty of unexpected adventures on the way. With your life looking really good for you, you may decide to travel towards the end of the year and you may even want to take a longer trip.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

This year will show good results for you during the first quarter. The first quarter of the year will be quite challenging, but as the year progresses most of you will be able to overcome any challenges and eventually emerge as quite successful in their goals. You will start to have much more fun later in the year, and relationships will be healed. You may take short trips. In social areas, natives are likely to land some reputable higher and esteemed post. Mutual relationships with family members shall improve in the second-half of the year. Natives will be buying new property or renovating old property. Love birds might take their relationship to the next level and make the final commitment by getting married. However, during the last quarter of the year, you will experience renewed vigor and renewed confidence in every aspect of your life. For businessmen, the year will be better for consolidation rather than innovative projects. There might be some struggles on the run up to success, but ultimately your work is going to see some recognition from those who can help you get further.  During the latter part of the year, natives will be happy and blissful with their family members. Your attention will be more on your romance, your friendships and perhaps even close associations of friendship. This year is auspicious for advertising movable property like land or houses. A surge of opportunities from foreign sources is coming towards you after May 2017. Take good care of parents and extended family, thus earning their love and blessings in return. You will have many reasons to be very optimistic during this year. You will also be recognized for your hard work. Elders need to be cautions of joint injury in the second quarter.

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