Lilith Enters Scorpio

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Lilith Enters Scorpio

On 21st May 2016 'Lilith' entered the sign of Scorpio. She has a cycle of just under nine years and symbolically spends about nine months in each sign. 'Lilith' is the dark side to our personalities, that which often remains hidden, unconscious and often projected onto others. With consciousness these dark aspects can be integrated and used positively. 

In the story of 'Beauty and the Beast', the beast must first be held and loved before redemption can occur. The horoscope sign of Scorpio has some affiliations with this dark Goddess because of its associations with the unconscious, passion, transformation, death and power. Therefore, this could be a good time to face those inner demons which can come in the form of fears and temptations.

Lilith, has already traversed Libra

'Lilith' seems to encapsulate a distorted 'shadow' aspect of any zodiac sign it travels through. For the last nine months she has traversed 'Libra', traditionally a sign of balance, partnership, culture and harmony. In its shadow form we see the moralist, the critical judgement, the elitist, the non-committal and indecisive. There’s the one who thinks they know what is best for you but will not make a decision for themselves but say 'I did it for the best' or 'it was for you.' There are the ones who balance the books in their favour. In the UK we are currently being bombarded with arguments whether to leave the EU or not, and in the US there are the Presidential campaigns. If we believed everything we are told from both sides (Libra) we would be mental wrecks. On a personal level, there could have been issues of compromise, harmony and responsibility within personal relationships. Any notion that it is the problem of one side to make things work has probably invoked this shadow. One potential failing for the Libran is not wanting to face things because that means confrontation. The Scorpio effect can just bring things to the surface in an eruption, but because of its unconscious nature it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the issue is. Recognising and sharing intense feelings can be a key to excising inner demons without having the need to critically analyse everything or project them onto another.

The Black Moon, Cresent Moon

Astrology is a language of cycles and this is no more important than the meaning behind the 'Dark Moon'. The Moon has an elliptical orbit around the Earth. An ellipse has two focal points. The Earth itself is at one of these points and the 'Black Moon's' symbolic position is at the other focal point. In the Lunar cycle, the dark of the Moon is experienced just before the new crescent phase. It is the time of death, destruction and regeneration. It accounts for our fears, all that cannot be seen or rationalised. In the 'Mythic Tarot' Deck we see the three faces of 'Moira' on the 'Wheel of Fortune' card. The New Crescent Moon (virgin, maiden) is the one who weaves, the Full Moon (Mother), the one who measures and the Dark Moon (Crone), the one who cuts. This shows the circle of life and fate. The last phase acknowledges that there must be decay and an ending to everything in order for life to regenerate and transform. The 'Crone' and the Dark Moon phase also reflect the repression of the female and the Moon Goddess. The Patriarchal Sun deities arising 5,000 years ago and the rational male dominated left brain provided an awakening of consciousness and duality but feared the hidden feminine qualities of intuition, second-sight, power of sexuality and healing. Women hold in their bodies a natural affinity with life cycles. In the ancient worship of the Moon Goddess and 'Gaia' Mother Nature, the female cycle coincided with that of the Moon. The fertility of Ovulation was represented in the Full Moon and Menstruation coincided with the Dark Moon. It was at this time of the Dark Moon when women's power of healing and sight were revered. Tribal women would retreat to a separate tent where they were sought for wisdom, guidance and healing. Nowadays, women's sexuality, the occult, holistic healing, death, ageing and transformation have all become fearful taboo subjects. Even the acceptable image of woman has for some, become polarised and distorted in the virgin/maiden. For some, the Mother who breast feeds and natural ageing have to be hidden away or covered up.

These are the issues which might be more prevalent whilst 'Lilith' makes her way through Scorpio. There is evidence that things are slowly changing, especially with group awareness, but there is much healing to be done, not just for women and men but also for the Earth. The last 5,000 years marks a Dark Moon phase in a longer 40,000 year cycle which corresponds to Homo sapiens coming out of Africa and integrating with nature. This suggests a new phase where there may now be a more conscious re-integration with Nature and the Earth.

Lilith Enters Scorpio

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