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Published: Wednesday, 4 December 2013 , contact Patrick on Google+, Facebook or Email.

Mars, ruled by both Aries and Scorpio, brings force and determination to the God of War, being Venus's male counterpart who adds fire and substance to her delicate passions. These two together form the complete and perfect partnership, uniting both the male and female energies in perfect harmony. Mars represents our self-expression and our personal approach and method of attacking obstacles. In relationships, Mars shows how couples influence each other through their desires and actions. Physical passions and attractions activate and initiate desires in areas of intimacy, along with competitive and professional ambitions. If Mars in each others’ chart is not compatible, then quarrels and disagreements are probable. Mars and Venus in aspect in your birth chart, unveils how you relate to the opposite sex.

Mars shows the ruthless side of your nature, and how you fight for what you want in life and in relationships. Mars is the driving force that impels us to survive, and Mars is the astrological adrenalin which fuels your competitive spirit and sex drive.  Mars determines how you court potential lovers, and how you pursue your object of desire. Mars is the planet of war, but it is only bad when used negatively or for your own personal ego. If this planet's energy is projected and channelled correctly, you can gain and succeed in life. If used unwisely, aggression and outbursts of temper tantrums may manifest, especially with afflicted planets. In Astrology, Mars is said to influence what a woman is attracted to and what type of male she desires and seeks for her lifelong partner.

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