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The Moon

Published: Wednesday, 4 December 2013 , contact Patrick on Google+, Facebook or Email.

The Moon is ruled by Cancer and governs the fourth house of home and family, so the Moon represents your emotions and the primary life prerequisites and the inner needs developed by your early years and sense of security. So, we unconsciously seek the same partner without really knowing why. Therefore, when we choose a partner, their emotional responses are familiar unconsciously with our own upbringing and are similar. Subsequently, if a positive sign is chosen, mutual domestic and emotional support is gained, but if our childhood needs were not fully met or there was some type of absence, we will consequently choose a negative partner.

The Moon represents the instinctive responses you learned in childhood, deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour. The Moon describes your early years and the relationship you had with your mother or nurturing parent. This naturally then has an impact on any future relationships you form, as well as the way you nurture and care in return. It shows how you respond to others’ love and their needs, which is very important in forming and keeping a loving relationship. This explains why some people continually choose unsuitable partners until they reassess their own personal needs and address any imbalances, then they will choose a supportive lover or partner.

The Moon
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