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Published: Wednesday, 4 December 2013 , contact Patrick on Google+, Facebook or Email.

Venus, named after the Goddess of love, symbolises the force of attraction in the universe, bringing together all things to perfection. In humans, this attractive force manifests as love for others and all forms of beauty. Venus absorbs and tempers the male essence, uniting the opposites of male and female energies in mutual affection. In a man's chart, it represents his feminine ideal and the female he is looking for, if of course, he is looking for a female. Venus rules Libra and Taurus. In Libra, Venus is aesthetic and cultured, bringing harmony and love to relationships. While in Taurus, it is more earthy, materialistic and sensual, showing us the true value of what we attract and possess.

Venus embodies our sensuality, style and harmony, highlighting what you attract or are attracted to regarding your love passions. Venus also reveals how two people relate emotionally when they are involved in personal interactions, and to what extent the couple will enjoy each other's company. Venus in the signs, houses and aspects of your birth chart, indicates how two people interact in business, financially and in romance. Venus is where you are attractive to others, and how you seek to attract in return. So, the softer side of your personality is shown by the placement of Venus in your chart. Venus making good aspects to your Sun and Moon add to the pleasure and ease of the relationship, while difficult aspects bring discord.

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