Judgement Love Tarot Meaning

Judgement Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

The right choice, progression in relationships, re-evaluating a relationship.

Judgement Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

It seems that the court is in session and that your love life is in the dock. That is actually a bit harsh but it might be a good time to take stock of your relationship and see if it needs the odd tweak. It may well be that it is fine and you and your partner are very aware of each other's needs but if this is not the case this is the ideal time to make some changes. You will soon reap the harvest you have sown but also try to learn from past mistakes and move forward in a positive way.

Situations can change fairly rapidly when Judgement appears in a spread, so if you are single a change is on the way and you are likely to find a partner in the near future. Even if you have recently broken from a relationship you may be surprised to find how quickly you will return to the dating scene.

Reversed Meaning

Are you or your lover prone to being a fusspot? Must everything in your world be faultless before you are satisfied? How can you hope to be happy if you refuse to be realistic? You may have to moderate your search for perfection.

Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world, and sometimes it is worse when you are with someone. If you are lonely despite being in a relationship you need to talk things through with your partner. It may be that one of you has stronger romantic feelings than the other. Singles need to be cautious around a new potential partner; they may be commitment-o-phobes or unwilling to compromise.

You may find that your emotional situation is changing and there may be little you can do to control events. This could mean a relationship is drawing to a close. Judgement requires you to look at your situation honestly, if you don't face the truth you will regret it later.

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