Temperance Love Tarot Meaning

Temperance Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Patience, harmony, steady relationships, long term relationships, trust, faithfulness.

Temperance Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Temperance is a gentle sweet soul and is concerned with patience, moderation and understanding. She warns against impetuosity and encourages us to think before we act.

Singletons need to be cautious and think before they act. Are you behaving in a way that draws potential mates toward you, or are you coming across as reserved or even in cold. Perhaps you find it hard to be intimate with other people or fight shy of committing to a relationship. You may need to know yourself better before you will find someone with whom to share your life. Be patient and trust in fate, in time love will come to you but for now at least there is nothing you can do to speed that process.

If you are lucky enough to have a special someone Temperance encourages you to be patient and accommodating, it maybe that your other half has problems which are making them a little fragile. If your relationship is particularly rocky at the moment you will need to calmly work together to restore harmony to your lives - make sure you keep the channels of communication clear rather than retreating to your own corners.

Reversed Meaning

Whoah, whoah, whoah, less haste more speed. Your love life isn't a car battery, you can't jump start it into action, good things come to those who wait you know. Slowing down will actually lead to success. If you're not getting the dates you desire (or any dates at all) take the opportunity to develop new interests, you won't be alone forever.

Is someone in your relationship suffering from a roving eye or perhaps a bit too eager to sample the finer things in life a bit too often? If so you need to take some time out to calm down and consider your options. Have you been setting the goal posts a little too high for your loved one? OK, no one wants to get lumbered with a slob but are you being too ambitious or demanding. No one is perfect, not even THE one - go on cut them (and yourself) a bit of slack.

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