The Chariot Love Tarot Meaning

The Chariot Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Choice of lovers, self-control, being pulled in two directions, winning over a rival in a love triangle, being faithful despite temptation.

The Chariot Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

What do you really want from a relationship? What do you really want from life? The Chariot urges you towards action, courage and, ultimately; success. The Chariot points to relationship changes and single folks are unlikely to fly solo for much longer. If there is someone special in your sights don't be slow to come forward - confidence is very sexy and how will they know you are interested in them unless you make it obvious? Equally, there is a need to balance your social and work life, how can you expect to meet anyone if you are always up to your ears in spread sheets, or is it you fancy someone from IT? People who are already attached may need to question whether they have sacrificed too much of their individuality and have disappeared into the amorphous mass of 'coupledom'. The Chariot can suggest that there is a need for you to be less fixated on your amour and balance your life more. Alternatively, it could be your other half who is feeling neglected as you clamber up the career ladder or lose yourself in the demands of your children.

The Chariot reminds us of the need for balance and control in our lives, it warns against the urge to lose ourselves in our desires be they of the romantic, fiscal, family or career type.

Reversed Meaning

Is there a risk your search for love has become a bit desperate? It may be you are so busy seeking Mr or Ms right that you are missing out on everything else life has to offer. You can't make the ideal person turn up, in fact, often the happiest couple meet by chance. Of course you have to be out in the world to meet people, but you can only force things so far, sometimes a bit of patience is necessary.

A nascent relationship may suffer if you are too reserved, if you feel things are running away with you ask your partner if they would consider taking things a bit slower.

If you are already in a relationship you need to make room in your life for your partner. Ambitions are fine but have you got your work/life balance right? Squabbles and disappointments may not be your partner's fault; you have probably played your part too.

Single or part of a partnership, you may find you are confused about your feelings, set some time aside to think things through.

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