The Devil Love Tarot Meaning

The Devil Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Lust, temptation, faithlessness, weakness of character, entrapment, hedonism, sex for sex sake.

The Devil Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

The Devil may not do 'love' but he does do lust and temptation. So when he appears in a reading it can mean someone is letting their eyes wander. The Devil brings with him the urge for instant gratification and selfishness. In a love tarot this may point to an affair but it can also mean a couple's moral compasses are out of sync, thus one may enjoy the idea of an open relationship whilst the other is a one person soul. Things can get even worse when one of the couple feels pressured into acting in a way which is alien to them simply to please their partner. When this happens, shame and resentment will soon destroy the relationship. Less dramatic but just as destructive, the Devil can suggest one or both partners may be overly dependent on the other.

Single or part of a couple, the Devil also warns that past upsets and romantic disappointments may hamper future happiness. For example, imagine Fred had a relationship with a partner who claimed to be working late but was, in fact, having an affair. Time moves on and Fred finds a new love; suddenly this new partner also claims (quite truthfully) that they are working overtime. Fred begins to harbour doubts which build up until his relationship is ruined. This is the kind of scenario the appearance of the Devil encourages us to avoid, it is important we don't let one bad experience make us unduly suspicious of the actions and motivations of others.

Reversed Meaning

The Devil really is in the detail with this card and it depends on the positive or negative aspects of the cards it appears with as to what exactly it represents. If there are a lot of negative cards nearby it suggests that someone is being tempted to do something silly such as overindulge or engage in an illicit lusty liaison or two. It maybe that you or your partner is, shall we say, keen to explore the wilder shores of love. Assuming this is legal, then what consenting adults do in their relationship is their business, but problems may arise if one of you feels pressured into acting in a way that is alien to you. If you are going down this route make sure everyone is truly happy with what you are doing, if you have any doubts say 'no' and mean it. Reversed, the Devil is often associated with addictions, this can be the obvious kinds or it can be that one partner is too clingy. If you are really unfortunate it may be that your relationship has become totally dysfunctional with one person trying to control the other or being threatening - if so it's time to leave.

On the other hand, when it appears in the vicinity of helpful cards it could be that one of you has conquered your demons and is finally able to apply themself wholeheartedly to a mature relationship.

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