The Fool Love Tarot Meaning

The Fool Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Passion, seeking a partner, exploring new relationships, refusal to commit.

The Fool Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Are you ready to take a journey into the unknown, will you risk all for lurrrrrve? The Fool knows that faint heart never won fair lady or indeed, lord. You can reach your romantic goals but you need to pack a case full of hopes and head out on the road. It's not that you have to be brave or brazen, but that you have to be willing to try, to go out, face the world and take risks. If you are looking for love be willing to search in the most unlikely of places; you might be surprised at who you may find.

The Fool is the first card in the pack and so he is particularly associated with new relationships. If this has you glowering at your computer as you think to yourself; 'I've tried every dating site on the web', don't despair, it's just time to try another tack. Stick with the websites but also think a bit laterally, is there a different approach you could try? This is the time to be bold, if someone catches your eye take positive steps to capture their heart. Remember; 'Don't be shy, go up and say Hi'. Even if you have to suffer the odd rejection don't lose faith, you will find Mr or Ms Right.

The worst thing about starting a new relationship is the fear of rejection. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, perhaps, but fools probably have more fun than those over cautious angels. The Fool is a card which encourages us to have faith in the world and to know that when we fall we can pick ourselves up. So, if your confidence is concussed or there's a slump in your self-esteem The Fool urges you not to be downhearted but try, try and try again.

In simple terms, the fact you tried and were willing to take risks or even face embarrassment will win you The Fool's favour and, more importantly, the favour of someone who could become very special to you.

Reversed Meaning

Upright, The Fool often involves an element of sacrifice, reversed he tends to mean the opposite, in this case you need to stay true to yourself rather than changing dramatically to please someone else. Whilst this isn't carte blanche to behave abominably there is no point in trying to pretend to be something you're not. If your love interest can't accept you for who you are you may need to move on. Equally, it could be your lover who is putting up a front and they are not all they seem. Use your head, are you getting warning signals? Perhaps some of their stories or their behaviour don't add up. When this card appears it can also mean that your present or prospective partner is too immature to sustain a serious relationship or they just can't commit, or it may be that it is you who needs a bit more space.

If you are single the reversed Fool encourages you to be brave, try looking for love in new places or try dating someone different from your normal choice of squeeze.

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