The Hanged Man Love Tarot Meaning

The Hanged Man Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Willing sacrifice, changing priorities, a new approach, meeting a new crowd, explore new romantic experiences.

The Hanged Man Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Hanging upside-down from a tree by your toes is not a particularly romantic image - well, unless you're particularly adventurous or athletic but the Hanged Man still has something to say to us about love. The Hanged Man is all about sacrifice which isn't really what we like to think about when we think of romance but if we tone things down a bit and consider the notion of give and take we might be nearer the mark. The Hanged Man encourages us to realise just what a gift it is to share your life with someone special and that as part of this we need to keep our egos under control (that certainly doesn't mean losing ourselves in someone else's ego though).

When the Hanged Man appears singletons need to be willing to let fate take a hand in their amorous affairs. You may find that you don't get the person you desire but you will get the person you need, and in the long run your life will be better for it. If you are looking for love you may need to forego old habits, for example, if you are normally drawn to tall slim extrovert brunettes you may find that a short, plump, shy blonde will be your ideal match.

Whether you are single or not the Hanged Man reminds you to accept your partner or potential partner as they are with all their foibles and if you can't do that you may have to move on.

Reversed Meaning

What are you waiting for? You're as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Stop and take a deep breath, feeling better? Good, now you are in a much better state to make some decisions or take the relevant action. Wait until you have calmly considered your options before you charge ahead with a panicked response. Don't let your lack of confidence make you become too dependent on your partner. Be brave, face the fact you may need to free yourself from long held beliefs. It may even be necessary to call time on your relationship. If this is the case don't let fear of loneliness hold you back.

Sometimes the Hanged Man warns you not to be too accommodating; you don't have to bow to your partner's every whim to keep them with you, or if you do there is something seriously wrong. Recognise your own value as a human being - you are not your lover's servant.

Single types need to ensure they are not falling into the trap of believing anything is better than nothing; it's not.

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