The Hermit Love Tarot Meaning

The Hermit Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Solitude, detachment, discretion, seeking time alone, going on retreat.

The Hermit Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Do Hermits really have love secrets? Don't they spend time alone seeking greater wisdom? Nevertheless, love is not without a few lessons of its own. Love can put us in touch with the greatest wisdom of all: that of knowing ourselves. On the other hand, The Hermit can represent someone who has a wise head; perhaps someone who can offer you or your amour some good advice. The Hermit can also represent a hiatus period or a need to pause, but most of all to avoid any precipitous actions.

This card may be a sign that your relationship has come to a standstill and you need to take action to find a solution. Yet, this is not the time to get bogged down in relationship issues but to make some room in your life for an opportunity to reflect. This does not automatically mean your time together is drawing to a close; you may yet work things out together as you both gain a new perspective on matters.

Are you single and feeling lonely? It does not seem likely that you will find someone immediately, but you will undergo a period of transformation which will prepare you for meeting someone extra-special.

Reversed Meaning

Sometimes you just need to be alone and single folks are unlikely to find a partner just now. This is the ideal time to concentrate on yourself and decide what it is you want and need from life. Make the most of this opportunity for 'me time', rest assured you won't be sailing solo forever.

Couples may face a different problem. It could be that one or both of them are being too self-interested. You may feel misunderstood and undervalued, but how does your other half feel? Have you been giving them the attention they deserve? If you seem to be drifting apart you may need to decide whether you truly want to be together. Your relationship may be changing, think about how you would like it to progress.

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