The Hierophant Love Tarot Meaning

The Hierophant Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Wise councillor, traditional relationships, religious wedding ceremonies, culturally sanctioned relationships, a wise friend.

The Hierophant Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

You'd think a card like The Hierophant (which is sometimes known as The Pope) wouldn't have much to do with romantic matters, since surely his mind should be on a higher plane. Actually, he quite likes sticking his nose into other people's love lives and at worst he can represent the controlling and limiting aspects of religion, particularly when interfaith relationships are seen as a taboo. On the other hand he can be associated with the highest spiritual principles and point to the spiritual aspects of love. Like The Emperor he can refer to morality, in this case that represented by theological tradition rather than the state or more general establishment. He reminds us that we need to treat our partners morally and without duplicity. He doesn't deal lightly with folks who lie, cheat or manipulate others and he can be a warning that someone sleazy is sliming their way into your life.

A relationship blessed by The Hierophant tends to be conventional, traditional and socially sanctioned, often with a strong spiritual aspect and shared system of beliefs. If you are truly lucky you could even turn out to be soul mates.

Reversed Meaning

It's time to get real. You may have been fantasising about your love situation and you need to be more realistic. Whilst it is important to be sensible this does not mean you need to be boring, quite the opposite, this is the perfect time to celebrate your quirky side and perhaps even rebel a little. The same can be true of your relationship, don't let it get too stayed, a light-hearted moment or two can bring you even closer. The reversed Hierophant also reminds us of the need to be honest; it might be that the object of your desires is not all they appear, get to know them better before rushing headlong into a relationship. Equally, you may discover your new love has radically different views from your own; this need not be a problem but it will require some give and take.

All that glitters is not gold and not all advice about relationships is useful. Sometimes you need to make up your own mind. So, whilst it is good to listen to the thoughts of others, don't assume you have to act on them.

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