The High Priestess Love Tarot Meaning

The High Priestess Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Good judge of character, following your feelings, secrets revealed, a relationship with wasted potential.

The High Priestess Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Seething passions, secret trysts, smouldering glances, what on earth is going on? Unconscious and imperceptible shifts are moving through someone's emotions like tides moving in the ocean. Whatever is on the surface is deceptive: the handsome face may hide an ugly soul, whereas the homely one houses a warm heart. Even the most workaday dates can develop into a passionate love story whilst those which had burned magnesium bright can turn to ashes. The High Priestess suggests you move slowly towards your heart's desire, for now at least you need to be patient. This is the ideal time to trust your feelings if something does not seem right, the chances are there is a problem. On the other hand, if it feels good it probably is. This is a time to be frank with others and yourself, don't be pushed into something you are uncomfortable with. Say what you mean and don't be afraid to stick with your decision.

This is an ideal card for couples as it shows an increasing ability to be frank with each other. As the relationship becomes stronger you are able to discuss your greatest hopes and fears with that special person. When this card appears in your spread, honesty with your other half is not desirable - it's essential. This sounds ideal, but if The High Priestess appears with a royal companion such as a Queen or King there is a risk that someone is trying to have their cake and eat it, so a third party could threaten your love nest. This may not mean that an affair is in the offing but there is a chance of some serious flirting with an interloper which needs to be addressed.

Reversed Meaning

This mystical maiden loves it when you use your intuition, so if your relationship feels good it probably is and yep, this can work the other way too. Issues around this card tend to develop when our intuition and intellect are out of balance (or even at loggerheads). Obviously your emotions are important but they may be a little over-the-top now, try to temper them with a dose of that rarest of commodities; common sense. This is a time when you need to say exactly what you mean, don't just say or do things to please you significant other or you'll build resentment.

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