The Magician Love Tarot Meaning

The Magician Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Accomplished lover, good communication, love letters, dishonesty.

The Magician Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

The Magician loves to make things manifest, he uses his skills and determination to produce results. So if you are looking for love he urges you to take positive action and make opportunities for meeting someone special - this is not the time to be bashful. Yet, you might also be wise to be wary of what you wish for. The Magician is a love magnet and that can be a bit of a problem; of course you need to be drawn to someone and for this to be reciprocated for love to bloom, but that same magnetism can cause chaos. Attraction can be strong and exciting for a while but what happens when it calms down? With luck you will find yourselves moving towards something much more profound, but if all that passion was a passing infatuation things could turn rather sour.

The Magician can refer to someone who is involved in a relationship or is about to be. At best this person can be determined, resourceful and have an uncanny ability to make events work out to their advantage. On the other hand, it shouldn't come as too much of a shock to your system to discover that sometimes The Magician can point to someone who is a bit of a bounder or who has a way with words which could prove deceptive. So there may well be a warning here to get to know someone a bit better before you trust them with your heart. Or is it possibly you who has led someone to think there is more to the situation than you intended?

The Magician might help single people to mingle, but what about cuddly couples? The Magician can sprinkle a bit of magic dust on long-term lovers too. This is the time to experiment with new ideas, places and shared interests.

Reversed Meaning

Is everything quite as it seems? Possibly not, particularly if a new beau has entered your life; how well do you really know your new amour? They may seem to be Mr or Ms Right but it is possible that is just a mask. It could be that they are a consummate actor or actress who are using your heart as a stage. You need to work out if they are following a script or speaking from their soul. Still, we don't want to get too paranoid here, it could be that having had your fingers burnt once you are holding back to avoid being hurt again. Similarly, you may be having a crisis of confidence and find it difficult to believe someone so wonderful could want you.

If you are in a permanent partnership you may find someone is calling all the shots, you are supposed to be caring and sharing not engaging in one-upmanship: time for a calm and collected chat.

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