The Moon Love Tarot Meaning

The Moon Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Secrets, lies, exaggeration, follow your gut feeling, serendipity, delusion, disillusionment.

The Moon Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Have you been mooning over someone? If so things are probably going to get complicated, there are as many mysterious currents around them as the Bermuda Triangle and who knows what will appear or disappear. You are going to have to trawl around to discover what is lying at the bottom of this particular ocean as nothing in this sea of love is what it seems. Perhaps you are not sure about your true feelings or motivations. Try and get in touch with you intuition, what do you feel is going on? Have you become embittered by past disappointments to such a point you simply can't accept anything could be this good? It may be you need to look at your own reflection, is it you or your partner that is being unreasonable - be honest now. Oh, I can see you singles smirking in the corner there, but you might like to ask yourselves the same question, are you really unlucky in finding a partner or are you reacting in a way that puts people off, perhaps by appearing too needy or desperate? Could it be that you are looking for an authority figure rather than a lover? Alternatively, is the person you think of as perfect for you all they seem, or do you have a niggling doubt? If you're not sure your subconscious could be desperately sending out warning signals to stay away.

Reversed Meaning

You seem to feel confused and unsure of what you need to do to keep love alive, or perhaps you doubt the devotion of your dreamboat. Things might not be as they appear: do you have all the facts? Your intuition should provide some emotional insights. One partner could be hiding the truth from the other, this may not be sinister but done with the best of intentions unfortunately this does little to help address the situation. The truth, however unpalatable, is essential.

Single souls need to take a reality check. Is the apple of your eye all they are cracked up to be or does that delicious looking exterior hide a rotten core? OK, they may not be a bad person but are they really suitable for you, or have you just decided you want them to be? A bit of caution is definitely a good idea.

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