The Strength Love Tarot Meaning

The Strength Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Overcoming problems, supporting each other, willingness to take risks for love, willing to be vulnerable, compassion.

The Strength Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

Fiery, passion and sizzling sensuality are part of Strength's vibe in the Love Tarot. At this time your relationships should be jalapeno hot. This card suggests that your relationship may be very strong and passionate but all that emotion bubbling under the surface can lead to volcanic eruptions. If you find all this activity rather tiring you might need to develop the ability to control your impulses and think before you rush headlong into the next scene.

Strength also suggests you should be brave enough to be tender and compassionate as opposed to being domineering. You may also discover that you and your dearest one are becoming more skilled at judging each other's needs and requirements. If you do find your darling getting on your nerves like nettle rash, try and take a step back and treat them gently; temper tantrums will get you nowhere.

Single folk may find their mojo supercharged at this time and flirty fun seems to lurk around every corner. Couples will find the fires of their relationship burning particularly bright at the moment and you can recapture the passion of your love's earliest days.

Reversed Meaning

You and your partner are people not ivy plants so there's no need to be so clingy. Romance is wonderful but other aspects of your life add to your fulfilment; don't be too dependent on each other. It maybe that this Velcro act is an attempt to push your relationship further down the path of love, you can't force romantic developments, learn to celebrate each stage as it comes.

If your partner is being domineering you may need to stand up for yourself more forcibly. Your needs are as important as theirs. Alternatively, trust may be something of an issue, particularly if you have had your fingers burnt in the past, try to let go of any negativity.

Single folks need to avoid putting up with just anyone rather than being alone. Come on, you're worth more than that. Better be alone for a while than be miserable. There's a whole world out there and when you least expect it a worthwhile winner will wander into your world.

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