The Sun Love Tarot Meaning

The Sun Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

New friends, self-confidence, successful relationships, a mentor, a wise friend.

The Sun Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

The Sun brings warmth, light and pleasure both in the meteorological sense and in the case of this lovely tarot card. If you have a partner you will find yourselves grinning like the proverbial cat from Cheshire and so you should, life can be very sweet at the moment. When The Sun shines upon you he brings the blessings of life, such as marriage, birth, a good income and fulfilment as your plans reach a positive conclusion. This is magical time when you and your lover form an ever closer bond.

So far so good, but what about singletons don't they deserve a place in the sun? Of course they do and they are just about to claim it. This is a time for those looking for love to make sure they are out and about so they can meet someone new; this is not the time to be a wall flower. Not only is that special someone out there for you they every bit as fabulous as you've hoped.

Single or a regular Darby and Joan? Either way the Sun reminds you to take pleasure in life without self-consciousness - let your inner-children build some sandcastles together.

Reversed Meaning

You um and you ah but you're not sure why, perhaps it seems your relationship has lost its way or that your loved one is not paying attention. Alternatively, it may simply be that the demands of modern life are making it difficult for you to spend quality time together. As a result you and your amour may be engaging in silly squabbles, it's time to prioritize your romance to preserve your passion.

When the Sun is reversed your communication pathways can collapse in a heap, so try to be clear and patient. Beware of selfish behaviour - either yours or your partner's. Try not to be unrealistic in your expectations regarding your squeeze, they are only human.

If you are single do not let past disappointments make you pessimistic about potential partners. You may have met one bad apple but the rest of the tree could be full of the sweetest fruit. Remember, you don't have to be in a relationship to be happy.

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