The Tower Love Tarot Meaning

The Tower Love Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Sudden changes, unexpected events, revelations, learning to adapt, a shock.

The Tower Love Tarot Card Description

Upright Meaning

The Tower presages change and sudden change at that, which is great if you are single as someone is about to burst into your life. Unfortunately, any relationship built on weak foundations could find itself collapsing like the tower on the card. If your relationship is going through a sticky patch you will need to decide if you have the will and commitment to make it work or if it is time to part.

Reversed Meaning

In general, most of us resist change, but sometimes it is essential. You need to deal with any issues dogging your relationship, of course it might cause ructions now but it will save bigger problems later. You need to keep channels of communication clear, particularly as you may suffer from some niggling feelings that might make you snappy. Similarly, boredom or the need for attention might make you particularly tiresome to you partner, taking your moods out on them is neither fair nor constructive. Single or partnered you may find a previous relationship is impacting on your view of the world and your behaviour towards others.

The reversed Tower can see you breaking free of old habits, this could mean you are ready to leave a relationship that you have outgrown or it could mean you are willing to try new ideas and be more flexible in your choice of date.

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