Michael Jackson, Thriller Chiller

Published: Saturday, 17 May 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Michael Jackson may have died in 2009, but he seems to be busy keeping an eye on the competition - at least if a strange photo is all that it seems. The story started when Reece Savva was taken to the Churchill Theatre in Kent to watch a Michael Jackson tribute show. Reece, 14, was waiting in line for a signature from a Jackson tribute act when he decided to take three photos. When he got home and began to look at the shots he had a shock. One photo seems to show a ghostly blue image of Michael Jackson peering over the tribute act’s head. Reece is convinced there is no explanation for the image, he said;

“It was so eerie. There was nothing there at all when I was waiting in line…I have no idea what happened on that one picture, but it's terrifying. It was like something out of Thriller…It's like he just popped his head in to see what was going on and then left. I never used to believe in ghosts, but now I'm not so sure”.

Reece’s mum is equally bemused, she said;

You look at that and it is clearly a face, and it does look like Michael Jackson…And the fact it was a Michael Jackson event and there he was, makes it all the more eerie. Although, I think if he did come back from the dead, he probably wouldn’t go to watch an impersonator”.

La Toya Jackson (Michael’s sister), has no doubts that her brother has been haunting the family’s home in Encino. She has reported that the family dog barks and looks up at Michael’s window at the same time every night. Furthermore, her minder has claimed to have heard tap dancing (something Michael did for relaxation).

Just over a decade before he died, Michael made a short film called Ghosts, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised if he drops by from time to time. 

Michael Jackson, Thriller Chiller
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