Monthly Horoscopes February 2023

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Monthly Horoscopes February 2023

It's a high energy start to this month, but some disruption is possible with the Leo New Moon in week one, when sudden demands or costs can emerge. Saturn is also a powerful presence and impacts on the Pisces New Moon. This can be a month where feelings go close to the surface as Mercury and the Moon align with Pluto, and some sombre reflection may be necessary. Still, a stroke of wonderful fortune can however light up February, during the last two days. For your in-depth Monthly Horoscope February Forecast for each sign, please see below...

Monthly Horoscopes for February 2023

Aries 21 March - 20 April

Is this the month you are jolted into action, and take steps to make a dream come true? The Full Moon on the 5th, can heighten your creative desire, and inspire you to get a move on. An event could nudge you into action. From the 18th, you'll enter a quieter phase. This is your chance to refill your energy tanks and find closure on issues that are preventing you from moving ahead. The New Moon on the 19th, is an opportunity to take up a practice such as meditation, that can relieve stress. As Venus hots foots it into your sign at the same time, charm can get you places. 

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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

With the Sun in top spot, it's your time to shine, Taurus. This is your chance to enhance your image and promote yourself and your skills. You could experience a restless phase around February 5th, when the Full Moon angles towards edgy Uranus. Perhaps you want something to happen faster than is possible. Be patient and bide your time. From the 18th, you'll have a renewed interest in making new contacts and moving in other circles. And the New Moon on 19th, is perfect for initiating a creative or innovative plan. It's time to bring your dreams to life.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

As fiery Mars continues in your sign, your desire to grasp opportunities and liaise with key people brings benefits. You'll be eager to try a challenge that involves a learning curve. The Full Moon on the 5th and its lively energies, could be a key factor that inspires you to have a go. From the 18th, the Sun glides into your sector of goals and ambitions, while the New Moon on the 19th is perfect for any new initiatives. Looking for romance? Venus in Aries could have a pleasant surprise for you. And if you're ready to move in new circles, there's lots to look forward to.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

With the Sun in Aquarius, it's time to embrace changes that are ready to happen. If you've held back from making your move, the Full Moon on the 5th could push you into action. You know something needs to shift, and with disruptive Uranus in the mix, you may have no option but to go ahead. From the 18th, the Sun's move into a lighter and brighter zone hints at travel adventures, a desire to study and a willingness to take on board new ideas and opportunities. And as Venus sashays into Aries, a little charm can go a long way to helping you succeed, Cancer.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

The weeks until the 18th, are a time of co-operation. You do best when you team up with others rather than go solo. Relationship issues could come to a head on February 5th, when an event might trigger an outpouring of feelings. There could be dramas to contend with too. While this is an opportunity to clear the air, avoid impulsive decisions or actions. Things take a deeper dive from February 18th, as the Sun enters your sector of change. Ready to make a bold move? The New Moon on the 19th, is perfect for releasing the past and embracing new ideas and opportunities.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

With lovely Venus in Pisces paving the way for romance and the healing of personal issues, this month has the potential to bring positive new developments. You'll also be keen to streamline your affairs and jettison activities that may be getting in the way of progress. The Full Moon on the 5th, could push you to make changes, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed. From the 18th, you're encouraged to seek support when you need it. Don't try to do everything yourself. Plus, as Venus glides into an emotional zone, the power of your desires could greatly intensify.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

Dynamic Mars inspires you to look further afield for new opportunities, especially those that are a bit of a challenge. You'll thrive when you're on the trail of a new adventure. Equally, you'll enjoy being creative and promoting your work, as this is a great time to get noticed by people who appreciate your skills. A romance or friendship may need careful handling around the 5th Libra, so go easy. From the 19th, you'll be keen to enhance productivity, and streamlining your affairs may be the answer. Your love life sizzles too, as Venus your guide, hot-foots it into Aries.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

The comforts of home call out to you, with the Sun in Aquarius encouraging you to take a respite when you can. It's time to rebuild your energy by eating well and getting more rest. Eager to redecorate? Go for it, as it will give your place a fresher feel. Take care around the 5th Scorpio, as the Full Moon in a high-flying zone could see you doing something you'll regret. Staying calm is the key. Your romantic side will be in focus from the 18th, so factor in some date nights with your current partner. Ready for a new relationship? Time to connect with like-minded people.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

You'll be busy clearing away paper piles and dealing with admin, all of which will help you to be more efficient. It's a good time to meet up with others on your wavelength. Internet based projects or businesses can also thrive. Plus, Jupiter's presence in Aries encourages you to enjoy adventures and let your pioneering spirit shine. As the Sun eases into Pisces on the 18th for four weeks, it's time to ease off the accelerator and refuel. Mind, with Venus heading into Aries from the 19th, you'll be ready for love adventures of the wild and exciting variety. Get ready, Archer!

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Keen to earn extra cash? New ideas to generate money may fill you with enthusiasm, and inspire you to make a start. Go easy around the 5th though, as the Full Moon links with electric Uranus and could see you spending on impulse. A pause for thought can prevent regrets. From the 18th, the emphasis on your sector of talk and thought is great for promoting your products and services, and connecting with friends and family. The New Moon on the 19th, is the day to initiate new plans. You'll have the help of the moon-tide to build momentum, so don't miss this chance.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

The Sun in your sign keeps your mood buoyant and your energy high. Other lively influences contribute to a blossoming of confidence around your ideas and plans. The 5th is not the best day for closing deals or negotiating, as a fractious Full Moon could coincide with conflict and disruption. Wait until things settle down before discussing matters. If you've been investing in your skills or have worked to create a side-hustle, the Sun's move into Pisces will bring some imaginative ideas into the mix that might surpass your expectations. You only need to make a start.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

For the first three weeks, avoid beginning new projects. Use this time to tie up loose ends and let go of anything that no longer works. The Sun in a private zone, encourages you to reflect on your heart's desire and make time to refuel, especially if you've been overwhelmed. The Full Moon on the 5th, could help you see that there's no point in piling on the pressure if you end up exhausted. Finding a balance is crucial. Once the Sun enters your sign and joins lovely Venus on the 18th, you'll be in your element. The New Moon on the 19th, invites you to step out on faith.

Monthly Horoscopes February 2023

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