Horoscopes November 2016

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Horoscopes November 2016

A potent backdrop majoring on the sign of Scorpio is present this month and our ability to get under the surface of life and understand what things mean at a deeper level is going to be key. Yet Mars does move into a super social location on the 9th, so there can be lighter moments too. For your FREE Monthly Horoscopes November 2016 please see below... 

Horoscopes November 2016

Aries 21 March - 20 April

Jupiter and Saturn forge a really positive link all month, one which can see you forging all sorts of links with others. Some of these may be more to do with your interests or social life, but any person of real standing that you connect with can become a key part of your world. If you enjoy sport or group activities, these are boosted too this month by your go-getting ruler Mars. 

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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

The Sun begins November working through your sector of relating, and its link to Pluto from the 4th to the 10th is really significant. This can be a time when bonds deepen, and especially those that bless you with greater personal or worldly understanding. Solo? If you meet someone between the 22nd and 27th it may have some kind of fated quality attached to it. 

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Gemini 22 May - 21 June

The month starts brightly with Venus and Uranus angling up and encouraging you to connect with like minded people, and add sparkle to your social situation. Greater travel is possible from the 9th. Between the 21st and the 29th you can become much more serious minded about your closest relationships. Indeed, one can be intense and could reach make or break.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

How you express yourself to others can evolve significantly at the start of this month. How others see you can also change, Cancer. Any talents that you have do though need to flourish. A hobby, craft or even home based business can also become more established in your situation. As Venus merges with Pluto in week three, romance becomes far more intense.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

The basic foundations of your world can evolve as the month begins, but you will grow in confidence around a natural talent of yours. Others can become more attuned to this too, and the feedback you receive help to increase the momentum. Romantically, week three sees a gorgeous link between Venus and Jupiter. Your sunny vibe can ignite someone's interest.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

Although there is a bright and bubbly vibe as this month begins, you could make some surprise changes to your home, and be keen to invite others around to enjoy these. If you share your abode with anyone, things could be tense in week three, but if so try to lighten the atmosphere. Do be clear in all you say as November winds down, someone could misunderstand you.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

You need to feel that the foundations of your world are getting stronger. But despite this, with Jupiter in your sign linking very constructively to the planet of form, Saturn all month, some new beginnings are possible, and ones where you feel more inspired. You could take a lead or re-train but with Mars urging you on from the 9th, love needs to both excite and nurture.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

The Sun and Mercury combine in your sign for the first half of the month. Use this to galvanise your plans. The Full Moon of the 14th may throw up a challenge, but there is nothing you like more. Pre-existing skills or an investment can also pay off quietly but helpfully. Money needs care in week three, and in love, your words are supercharged and someone can be dazzled

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

This is a very important month for you. The Sun returns to your sign on the 22nd, but both Venus and Mercury bless you with their presence at different times too. All this can see you keen to reinvigorate your existence, and with your ruler anchored by Saturn in your sign throughout, those plans you think through carefully can truly endure. Love gets more sultry in week three.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

The things you do quietly behind the scenes can be just as impactful as more obvious moves. When Venus joins you on the 12th, love doubts can fade, and a new start is very possible as she moves past the tiny but powerful Pluto in week three. Yet if you have any hidden doubts, they need to surface then too, or the month can end with lots of mixed messages circulating.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

Mars arrives in your sign on the 9th, and your ruler Uranus is influential too, especially in linking to Venus early in November. Your profile can also be higher, and though your worldly role can evolve early in the month, it will be your friendships and the sociable side of life which flourishes later in November. A secret admirer can be revealed in week three, and it can get full on.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

Your two guide planets, Jupiter and Neptune remain influential, and the former can catapult you forwards in its link to the business-like Saturn, which can unlock your inner tycoon and extra responsibilities are possible in the last ten days. Does a friend mean more to you than you realised, or is a love affair more for comfort than passion? Week three asks you to decide.

Horoscopes November 2016

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