Tarot Forecast April 2016

Published: Friday, 1 April 2016 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

The three tarot cards selected for April 2016 are the Seven of Swords, Justice and Temperance, all reasonably positive symbols.

Brexit, David Cameron and Boris Johnson

In Britain the contest between those who desire the country within European embrace and those who desire to leave will intensify. A further spat will occur between the tacit leaders of the two camps: David Cameron and Boris Johnson. It will become increasingly clear that Boris is playing a clever game. This is his punt at the top job. Boris’ tactical mind knows that if Cameron wins and Britain stays within Europe, then Cameron’s role as top dog is assured until the next election when he steps down. If Britain exits and forges its own destiny, Cameron will be forced to resign and Boris will reign. Mr Johnson will consistently prove he is more in tune with British hearts than Cameron.

In the media the pro-Europe fear mongering will escalate and so will comments from other national leaders. During the next month or two the quango powers that be in Europe will successfully shoot themselves in the foot by trying to intervene in the struggle and endeavouring to introduce ridiculous legislation that would prove unpopular in Britain.

Political Scandel

Britain can expect a political scandal, with at least one well known politician potentially facing criminal charges. This will revolve around finance or legal documents rather than sex and sleaze.

There will be another celebrity death, probably from within the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

The Conflict in Syria

The conflict in Syria will grind to a halt in many areas, but bombing, particularly by the Russians, will continue. This deceleration of conflict will not halt thousands of refugees continuing to flee the country. Unfortunately, their arrival will be increasingly less welcome in Europe, particularly in Germany, where public opinion will continue to tip against them, and in countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary and several others. Brutality perpetuated on refugees will come to light.

Trump, US and UK celebrities speak out

In America the Donald Trump bandwagon will continue. The machinations of the liberal press against him will steady and increase his support base. Increasingly, more USA and UK celebrities’ will speak out against him.

America will also be cursed by more gun trouble, potentially fuelled by political or jihadist motives.

British Economy

By the month’s end it will be clear that Britain’s economy is struggling on fairly steadily against the dips and turns of the world market. However, the uncovering of new banking atrocities won’t help.

Tarot Forecast April 2016

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