Tarot Forecast February 2016

Published: Monday, 1 February 2016 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.
Tarot Forecast February 2016

The tarot view for February is mixed. The first two cards drawn to represent the month are the Knight of Cups and the Seven of Wands. I see the Knight as bringing mildly positive omens from the European Union regarding Britain’s attempts to renegotiate with it. There will be an important pregnancy announced.

The Seven of Wands is good news for international diplomacy, easing communications between the great powers. The new bonds and removal of tensions between America and Iran will have fortunate outcomes for all concerned, especially the Iranians. They do not want war. They desire to grow their economy and become part of the world community. Within a few years Iran will be a desirable holiday location. It will not be long before Britain is talking to and courting the Iranians. I suspect that behind the scenes they are just as worried about Daesh as the rest of the international community, and are cooperating to do what they can to combat this menace.

In Britain the campaigns to stay in Europe and get out of Europe will begin their media blanketing.

The Hermit presents a dourer prospect. In the United Kingdom it’ll seem as the economy is teetering on the edge of a parapet, and many of the tongue wagging pundits will be predicting disaster and laying blame. However, the underlying trend is sullenly positive, so it is not as bad as it may seem. There will also be a lot of talk of the collapse of certain industries. This may be true but what falls down can be slowly built up again, and hasn’t it been decaying in the background for decades?

The Chinese economy is in for further wobbles and this will have an effect on British, American and European markets. This will be temporary but worrying. The next card is the Ten of Wands, which promises that the economic slowdowns brought by the Hermit can be rectified by governmental action.

The Lovers also appears predicting a celebrity divorce, with all the usual scent of scandal and towering egos. Beyond that, the card’s main meaning is of further splits and acrimony within the Labour party, alongside talk of certain Conservative MPs rebelling against the government line over Europe. Despite strong support it does not look good or promising for Jeremy Corbyn.

Expect further trouble in Europe over immigration and terrorism.

Tarot Forecast February 2016

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