Tarot Forecast August 2016

Published: Monday, 1 August 2016 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.
Tarot Forecast August 2016

We live in interesting times! Britain is leaving the European Union and the political class is fractured. Oh well...

The three tarot cards for August are the Fool, the Hermit and the Four of Coins. They do not predict the gloom for Britain that ardent Remainers have forecast.

The Fool

The Fool reflects the political shenanigans within the major political parties. Through its window we can see that Britain will possibly have a strong female prime minister. The choice the Conservative party make will come as a deep surprise to many, but it will be the right choice. Their decisions over Europe will need to be swift but considered. For all institutions the Fool urges caution in the face of Brexit. Carry on as usual and make no rash decisions. The country needs to hold firm while normal service is resumed. There will not be a second referendum and in the long term leaving the European Union will be seen as a correct and prescient choice.

The new prime minister will work hard and be decisive. The only shadow over them is that of an early general election. Labour would be ill advised to call for one as they would be utterly defeated. Jeremy Corbyn will battle on, his opponents turning the Labour party into a laughing stock. Still, from crisis comes change. Nigel Farage has not disappeared forever.

Some Conservative politicians will try to fight the new premiere, but if they are wise they will stand behind them and show a united front. They will make many changes in the Conservative government. New faces will emerge and some unexpected falls occur, with currently high powered ministers being resigned to the back benches. George Osborne particularly could be fighting for his position.

Business will slow down but the pound will slowly regain its former status, in time becoming stronger than ever. The economy will trundle along with signs of future balance becoming clear before the month’s end.

Some of the attitudes emanating from Europe will seem childish and spiteful. There will be disturbances on the streets of Britain: not all of them revolving around Brexit. Tony Blair will not stand trial for war crimes, but his reputation will be largely destroyed as new information comes to light.

In America the Trump machine will roll along nicely with smear campaigns being launched to undermine Hilary Clinton.

There can be further terrorist atrocities in Iraq and the Middle East. It could also reach Britain. Airport security needs to be tighter still. America and mainland Europe will be under threat, and in many places anti-Islamist sentiment grow.

Tarot Forecast August 2016

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