Tarot Forecast July 2016

Published: Friday, 1 July 2016 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.
Tarot Forecast July 2016

We enter July in the wake of the British European referendum, and in Britain the political scene will never be the same again. David Cameron will be staggering against the ropes of the political boxing ring. His time as prime minister is almost up and the vultures will gather to pick at the power that remains in the hands of the Conservative party. Of course, Labour will be jumping up and down with excitement, but will only succeed in looking facile and foolish.

The Seven of Cups

Britain will leave the European Union, whether now or later. The Seven of Cups is the symbol of illusions. The whole European edifice will begin to show signs of crumbling into a long decay that will eventually destroy it. There is trouble ahead in Denmark. The assumptions that the political elite of Europe have been making since the end of the Second World War will increasingly be proven hollow. The negative weight of its lesser economies will begin to weight down the union, and the rise of the far right in the developed countries will continue, becoming ever increasingly mainstream.

In Britain, disillusion with the political figureheads of the main parties will grow. New figures will emerge. The fight for the leadership of the Conservative party will begin.

There will be violence on the streets of Israel and Palestine, urging draconian measures from the Israeli government, whatever the rest of the world says. The terror will manifest in Europe. Germany needs to work hard to prevent terrorist outrages. Air travel will take another blow.

The Seven of Coins

The Seven of Coins heralds financial changes. In the wake of the referendum there will be a wobble in the British markets and currency, but this will right itself fairly swiftly. China will begin to grow again.

American presidential race

Hilary Clinton will be confirmed as the Democratic candidate in the American presidential race. Clinton versus Trump will be all over the news and the fight will get extremely nasty and very personal.

The World

The World predicts breakthroughs in science. Some will occur in medicine, but the world of cosmology will have a lot of its theories and assumptions shattered as new evidence comes into view. There will also be a resolution of conflict in a war torn part of the world, and at least some positive signs in Syria.

Tarot Forecast July 2016

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