Tarot Forecast June 2016

Published: Wednesday, 1 June 2016 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

June is the big month for Britain, with the 23rd being the date for the national referendum on membership of the European Union. Before then the debate will get nasty, with slander flying from all corners.

Can the tarot predict the outcome? Possibly is the answer, just as opinion polls can possibly predict it. I picked a card on the question ‘Will the United Kingdom remain within the European Union’, and received the Three of Wands as an answer. This is the card of ‘joint effort’. It can be interpreted as meaning that there are more political, international and media forces working for the remain camp than the leave campaign.

The feeling is that the contest is tight, although there will be an outright winner. The ‘leave’ vote will be much larger than expected, bolstered by undiplomatic statements from within the EU. Many people will feel they are being pressured to remain, and as a result rebel and vote leave. Culturally Britain is better off out of Europe.

Boris Johnson will receive much criticism and as much support, but will emerge as the outstanding personality of the referendum. David Cameron will be left with egg on his face and a diminished powerbase. The aftermath will be political instability.

The three tarot cards for June are the Knight of Coins, the Ten of Wands and the Six of Coins.

The Knight of Coins

The Knight of Coins shows big things happening in the world of business, with takeovers, a surprise bankruptcy and yet another banking scandal. Also, expect huge happenings in the retail sector. There will be hopeful signs for the British economy in some areas but increasing worry and criticism of the health service.

The Ten of Wands

Fortunately, the second card, the Ten of Wands, the symbol of completion predicts that the junior doctors’ strike will finally be over, although the ill will it has caused will rumble on.

In America, Donald Trump will, despite setbacks and mistakes, continue his march towards the Whitehouse. However, apparently this is nothing to fear. He is largely a victim of his own marketing advisors, and is not quite the demon he seems to be.

The Six of Coins

The Six of Coins indicates that the month’s end will see financial wobbles across the globe, including Britain. Africa will suffer more drought, war and famine, with crisis situations building in several places, notably Ethiopia and its neighbouring countries.

The month will feature political danger for Angela Merkel, and further trouble on the streets of Germany.

Tarot Forecast June 2016
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