MP seeks heavenly healthcare

Published: Friday, 1 August 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

If Bosworth MP David Tredinnick gets his way astrology could become part of established medical practise in the UK. David, who is a Capricorn, has spent 20 years studying the subject and he is convinced his heavenly approach to health could work.  The former officer in the Grenadier Guards stopped short of suggesting astrology should be free on the NHS but he wants to raise awareness of it as an alternative among patients and clinicians. It’s not that David has come up with anything new, the practise of iatromathematics (medical astrology) is as old as civilisation and was very widespread in the past, put simply, it works like this. Every part of the body, every illness and every plant that could cure that illness is associated with an astrological sign and planet, for example; Aries rules the head, face, brain and eyes, thus someone with a large number of planets in Aries in their chart is more likely to suffer from health issues related to these areas. Not everyone is convinced by David’s case and he has had to face some harsh criticism of his ideas but David remains unrepentant;

"There is no logic in attacking something that has a proven track record," he told BBC News.

David is vice-chairman of the government's herbals working group and he has vigorously campaigned for the wider acceptance of herbalism. Since that is now becoming accepted in parts of the NHS, he aims to promote astrology in the same way.

MP seeks heavenly healthcare
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