New Zealand Psychics Find Body

Published: Monday, 14 April 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Donna and Alex Fairclough, two New Zealand psychics, helped the family and friends of a man from Taranaki, find his body after he drowned in the Patea River. Stephen Murphy’s loved ones contacted the psychics after they realised no-one had seen the 37-year-old man for a number of days. The psychic mediums told his family to search the area near a footpath in King Edward Park, where Mr. Murphy’s body was discovered on the 10th of September last year - just one day after the psychics had made their prediction. Donna and Alex of Crystal Clear Healings in Stratford, used a pendulum on a map and connected with Mr. Murphy’s spirit to find out where he was. Donna explained further;

‘We tuned into him like we tune into anyone’s vibrations that we are able to. Without doing that, we wouldn’t have been able to find him’.

Despite having over forty years of experience working as psychics between them, Donna said it was the first time they had ever tried to find a missing person, and they hadn’t even seen a photo of Mr. Murphy.

Adelle [Mr. Murphy's sister], rang the next day and said they had found him in the exact spot. ‘It was gratifying’.

The coroner, Tim Scott, said that whilst Mr Murphy had been drinking at the time of his death, it was impossible to know if he had fallen in the river because he was intoxicated, or if it was the result of a seizure. Mr Scott added that there was no reason to think that Mr Murphy had killed himself, or that anyone else was involved. Donna also believes that Mr Murphy’s death was a tragic accident;

‘We ruled out suicide and any kind of foul play. The worst thing is, not knowing. I think they felt better and more comfortable after that’.

New Zealand Psychics Find Body
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