One Big Baby

Published: Sunday, 16 February 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

If you’ve ever found yourself babysitting a larger than life character, you might sympathise with a 70-year-old lady from Louisiana, known only as L. Melacetti. Retired farmer, L. Melacetti, claims that she helped raise a baby Bigfoot for eight years, between 1964 and 1972. She says she found her unusual charge abandoned in a Louisiana swamp.

 “He was so little, so cute. I had to do something about it. He was so defenceless, laying next to the mud and water, curled, crying like a baby, his parents were either dead or they had abandoned him,” she said.

Melacetti, described the creature as weighing about twenty pounds, with a hairless face and looking like neither a human nor a monkey. According to Melacetti, the Bigfoot was not aggressive;

“He accepted me as a friend right away. I took him home only for three nights to nurse him back to health”. She claimed.

Her attempts to care for him were somewhat curtailed, because she had no idea what to feed him. She tried lettuce, eggs and goat’s milk, but he seemed to relish tomatoes most of all;

“He liked tomatoes very much. He’d take them away from my hands and eat them whole. His favourite ones were brandywine, although he seemed to enjoy the cherry tomatoes too”.

Melacetti lived alone, and when he was released, the Bigfoot became a regular evening visitor to her home where she would feed him. One evening she found herself involved in a unique party, when her unusual pal brought along a buddy;

“He brought a friend with him! At first, the other guy was shy, hiding behind the bushes, but little by little, he began to trust me too. So there we were, sitting on my porch, two Bigfoots and I, having dinner under the moon”.

Sadly, L. Melacetti reached a stage when she was no longer able to stay on her farm. Before she left, she taught her companions to avoid humans. Unfortunately, at present she is unwilling to provide proof of her remarkable encounter, but she says that she is planning to publish her secret journal someday.

One Big Baby
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