Hello, thank you so much for joining me at my new Personal Horoscopes Reports store. My enhanced service gives you a wonderful chance to deepen your understanding of Astrology and how the cycles of time, impact upon us. For Forecasting, many astrologers use Transits, where current activity interacts with the Tropical or Birth Horoscope Chart. But Progressions also offer valuable insights, and large scale astrological studies show that Directions can have the most potent influence of all. This is where a chart is taken forwards for roughly 1 degree of every year of our lives.

What People Are Saying…

Patricia Head – 17 December 2018 – “I’ve just had the Personal Forecast & Character Analysis.The Analysis is very accurate and quite enlightening.The Forecast will be a wonderful guideline. Thank you so much Patrick x”

My insightful new reports embrace all three techniques giving a much greater level of accuracy. Please see the two opening offers below. 12 Month Forecast Reports are about 100 page long.

Thank you, warm wishes Patrick

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