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COMBINATION of 12 Month Forecast & Character Analysis. This Combination provides a stunning insight for the next 12 Months. This will help you to better time and plan your moves across your whole life. Understand the deeper patterns at play in your Forecast with the help of the influences of Progressions, Directions and Transits and how to tap into your true and fullest potential by understanding your Character influences more clearly. Based on your Time, Place & Date of Birth. (*If time of birth unknown please enter 12pm) 12 Full Month’s Forecast from Time of Purchase…

All Will Be Well (YouTube) 4th March 2019 –
Thank you Patrick for my 12-month Forecast & Character Analysis. Great price. It was helpful & enlightening.

 I wanted to know all the Degrees and Aspects and House rulers in my chart. I’m a regular visitor to this site for many years and I like a good deal and I want to thank Patrick who is very gracious and informative.

Di B (YouTube) 26th February 2019. I recommend that anyone thinking about getting these two reports from you, should do so and quickly - I am sure they will be equally as fascinated at their accuracy as I am...

“Thank you Patrick. I have followed your Youtube page for a few years after using your website for several years before that and, overall have been impressed by your presentation of general horoscopes. This year I decided, out of curiosity more than anything, to take advantage of your offer (a month ago) for a Character Analysis and 12 month forecast report. As a somewhat sceptical Capricorn (i.e most of us being of the ” show me the proof/evidence mentality lol”) I have to say that I read the Character Analysis with my eyebrows raised almost to the top of my head – it was eerily spot on. I absolutely recognised every aspect of my true self within those pages, with frightening accuracy, even tho I might try to deny some of those aspects outwardly haha!!. The bang-on content was both a shock and a delight for me as I have struggled to find such an accurate description in 2 reports that I had purchased from other astrologers several years ago.  I hope the forecast report provided will be equally as accurate, although it’s too early to tell as yet. I recommend that anyone thinking about getting these 2 reports from you, should do so and quickly – I am sure they will be equally as fascinated at their accuracy as I am. It’s definitely food for thought if you are interested in the accuracy/basis of astrology. I hope you are improving in health and commend you on the report contents….thank you very much.”

Saska February 25th 2019. “Thank you, the most comprehensive reading & explanation,”  


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