12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast Special Offer

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12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast. This unique interpretation uses not just Transits, but also the Progressed Moon and Directions. This is where your Natal Horoscope has been advanced forwards using a Solar Arc of approximately 1 degree per each year of your life from the time of your birth. These Directed Planets interact with current Transiting activity and your Natal Birth Chart, providing a stunning, highly accurate insight into your developing and future prospects. Based on your Time, Place & Date of Birth. (*If time of birth unknown please enter 12pm) 12 month’s from time of purchase…

HB Wales 8th May 2019 – “When I read the long-view forecast you’d sent me it made perfect sense…”

AR Liverpool UK 24th April 2019 –  “The detail and accuracy you have provided is truly staggering. I shall treasure and consult with it for many years to come. You are a truly gifted Astrologer. Many thanks”

All Will Be Well (YouTube) 4th March 2019 –
Thank you Patrick for my 12-month Forecast Great price. It was helpful & enlightening.

 I wanted to know all the Degrees and Aspects and House rulers in my chart. I’m a regular visitor to this site for many years and I like a good deal and I want to thank Patrick who is very gracious and informative.


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