Premonitions and Golfer Greg Norman

Published: Wednesday, 17 September 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Do you have premonitions, that strange moment when you just know something good or bad is about to happen? If so, I wonder if you listen to them, you probably will when you read what happened to Australian golfer Greg Norman.

Greg was preparing to use a chainsaw to cut some branches at his Jupiter Island property when he had a strong feeling of foreboding.

"I had a premonition, to tell you the truth, as I was getting my chainsaw ready, that something bad was going to happen," said the golfer who is also known as the Great White Shark.

If only Greg had listened to his intuition, but he ignored his gut feeling and paid a high price. He explains what happened next;

"I was about four branches from being done, and there was one branch about chest high and I cut through and took my finger off the trigger…The branch was just about ready, was falling straight down, and I went to grab it with my left hand, but it was a little heavier than I anticipated…The weight took my arm, right above where you wear your watch on your left wrist, and took it right into the chains as it was spooling down…I was very lucky in a lot of ways. If the chainsaw was going at full speed my hand would have been cut off and it missed my ulna nerve and muscles, so I was extremely, extremely lucky in that regard, by fractions of millimetres."

Despite his ordeal, Greg intends to play in a pro-celebrity event in China at the end of October. Let’s hope that is a premonition.

Premonitions and Golfer Greg Norman
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