Patrick Arundell Psychic Readings

Psychics' Testimonials

Kathryn 5508

"I think Kathryn is a true psychic with an authentic ability. I was blown away by her accuracy and I will definitely be having a reading with Kathryn again".

Sandy 5511

"Sandy blew my mind away I am so overwhelmed, she is fantastic really put things into perspective, thank you" TK of Manchester.

Selina 7727

"I never get tired of telling people how Selina found a document I thought went missing. She told me that the document was in the house and not lost, as I thought. She guided me in my house, giving me direction. She told me it was by the fireplace "under" something furniture like. The truth is that the document was forgotten under the cover of the photocopy machine, by the fireplace. She tells things the way they are and the way they will be. I would love to have her as a sister."

Sandy 5511

"Phenomenal, a remarkable reading the best I have ever had in my life, thank you" R.Doran UK

Kathryn 5508

"Is a true clairvoyant and a true advisor. She gave me hope in love, she gave me advice in business and she also kept me safe from making mistakes in all the areas in my life. She once told me: your boyfriend, he will come back but in the meantime you should take care of yourself . Kathryn is very caring. She always ends the reading carefully making sure that she explained the pros and cons of the choice. I would like to have Kathryn as a true friend."

Jessica 7777

"Thank you Jessica for a truly awesome reading. I await my destiny with both arms open, it was absolutely amazing. So very different from any others that I have ever had. So special. Love and Light." Denice NZ

Eric 7742

"Eric is the best medium I have ever talked with, and I have talked to lots, I feel a deep connection with Eric like I knew him from a past life he truly has a beautiful gift. He only tells you what he gets he never adds his twist onto it which I think is very important. He truly is a earth angel helping people the way he does, Thank you so much Eric." Tim, New Hampshire

Sandy 5511

"Everybody in this world should have the chance to have a reading with Sandy.As often as they would like to. Sandy always knows and sees things the way they are and the way they will be! I once made a joke that "Sandy may even tell you how much sugar you had in your coffee this morning!"

She said: "He will come back to you and he will cry and will say that he did not find anybody better than you". He came back to me and he cried and he said exactly what Sandy predicted he would".

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