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1-to-1 Psychic Readings

Hello, a warm welcome to my LIVE PSYCHIC READING SERVICE. Wherever you are you can call 24/7 to book an exclusive LIVE ONE-to-ONE READING with one of my special and inspirational team using Astrology, Pyschic, Tarot, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, and Medium techniques either speaking on the phone, paying by card on a call back, or online with a WebCam Psychic Reading.

My team of specialists are here to genuinely help and provide expert and caring support. 

1-to-1 Psychic Readings are available from my valued team of Live Psychics and Astrologers, 24/7, worldwide. A one to one Psychic Reading, can offer you telling insights, which can help you to make the right choices and decisions at crucial times of your life. The intimacy of a 1-2-1 Psychic Reading, is something which really can provide untold benefits.

1 to 1 Psychic Readings

What makes this 1 to 1 Psychic Readings service so unique, is that if you choose you can see live on WebCam, the person you want to choose from my team. So rather than an inanimate photograph, which might be dated, or not very clear, you can see on your screen, exactly who to speak with.

By seeing the person live, you can see their eyes, and gauge their personality. You can hear their voice, all before you decide who to choose to have a 1-to-1 Psychic reading with. This makes the process so much more special to you, for it is like being in the same room as the psychic or astrologer that you are talking to.

Psychics Live on-screen

This process of 1-to-1 Psychic reading intimacy is increased further more by the fact that a Video Psychic will take you into their private room. NO-ONE else can see or hear your reading, for it is 100% private and confidential. All you need to do this is a pair of computer headphones, which cost as little as £5.00 and off you go.

Psychic Readings

So, why not try out a 1-2-1 Psychic reading with my team of skilled readers? Be it Video Psychic or Telephone Psychic reading, they are available at all times, day and night, with support, guidance and wisdom. Thank you for reading.

How Common are Psychic Experiences

If you’ve ever had a psychic experience or know someone who has, you are far from alone according to a survey conducted for the Reader’s Digest Magazine. The study, which used 1,006 British adults, found that 43% reported experiencing telepathy (either reading the thoughts of someone else, or having their thoughts read). Even more respondents to the survey (just over half), claimed to have experienced a premonition, either as a dream or a thought. Similarly, 26% of the group had sensed when a loved one was ill or experiencing some kind of problem. A fifth of the group surveyed, claimed to have undergone a ghostly encounter, whist 29% believed near death experiences prove the existence of an afterlife. The most common experience was that of knowing when someone was looking at them, which affected two thirds of the study, followed by a staggering 62% of the group, who claimed that on one or more occasion they knew who was calling them before the telephone rang. Ten percent of the group claimed to have had a telekinetic incident related to mechanical or electrical equipment. Most alarmingly, the same percentage claimed they had made something unpleasant happen to someone by wishing them ill. Traditionally, women are more likely to be seen as psychic than men, and the survey supported this, although the chaps did rather well at knowing who was ringing before they answered the phone (53%), and having premonitions (45%).Oddly enough, age also seems to have influenced people’s views on psychic phenomena. Older people were more likely to believe in the paranormal, with 74% of 55 to 64 year olds saying they thought psychic powers were possible, compared with 52% of 18 to 24 year olds. So, is Britain inundated with psychics? Apparently not, only 9% of those surveyed claimed to actually be psychic. Why is there such a dichotomy between the high number of psychic experiences the group reported, and the comparatively low number of people in the study who were willing to describe themselves as psychic? Medium, Simon Bacon, who is a lecturer at London's College of Psychic Studies, thinks he knows the answer:

‘When you say psychic, many people have an image of an old woman in a gown with a crystal ball. They don't associate themselves with that’.

Padraig Reidy, deputy editor of the New Humanist magazine, which is published by the Rationalist Association, is less than convinced, and very scathing about the whole notion psychic skills. Mr Reidy told BBC News that the belief in psychic abilities arose from the urge to control a situation. He says that:

‘The implication is that we hope that there is some influence we can tap into. It's kicking against the randomness of things’.

He added that people tend to look back on an event with hindsight, and then say that they knew something was going to happen. Mr Reidy concluded:

‘Sometimes people who say, 'I knew something bad would happen', are just inveterate worriers anyway, and they are pleased to have finally been proved right’.

So, are well over half the population of the UK psychic, or simply pessimistic? Which seems most likely to you?

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