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Clairvoyant Readings

The word clairvoyance derived from two words clair meaning ‘clear’ and  voyance meaning ‘vision’, thus a clairvoyant is ‘one who sees clearly’ - it sounds like just the sort of news you want to hear from your optician.

Does this mean then there are lots of psychics out there who will never need to wear spectacles? Unfortunately not.


A clairvoyant is simply someone who gains information about a person, place, object or event without using any of the usual five sense. That seems simple enough, except the exact meaning of the word changes a bit according to context, in parapsychology it only refers to the transfer of information that is contemporary to and hidden from the clairvoyant, so a medium who tells you about the past life of a deceased loved one would not necessarily be thought of as clairvoyant.


Outside parapsychology this is less true and the term refers to any ‘anomalous cognition’ i.e. gathering information without using the five sense, so in this case mediums would indeed be clairvoyant. So a clairvoyant doesn’t use their eyes to gather paranormal information they processes the information they have visually; they might experience a vision, or see auras for example.

As if that wasn’t enough to give you a headache there are many excellent ‘clairvoyants’ who don’t receive their information in a visual form at all and you could well be one of them! Have you ever been introduced to someone and felt really uncomfortable for no obvious reason, perhaps you discovered latter they had some distinctly unpleasant character traits? If so, you could be clairsentient.


Whilst many people have reservations about others being clairvoyant or clairsentient, they tend to total disregard anyone showing signs of Clairaudient abilities as being unwell. Why, well, Clairaudient people gain their paranormal information via sounds, in other words they often hear voices. So how do you know if the person is truly clairaudient or  not, well it is hard to be 100% sure but if the person can offer information which they could not know by any other means they are likely to be clairaudient.


If you have ever had the experienced where a loved one has passed over and sometime later you can smell their perfume or tobacco yet, there has been no one else in the building who could have carried the smell with them you could well have experienced clairescence, which is when psychics gain information in the form of smells.

One of the most uncommon forms of clairvoyance must be clairgustance  in which one experiences taste without having anything in one’s mouth.

Lastly, there is the experience of  claircognizance, where an individual can know something without any obvious way of gaining such information, this could be something like knowing who is ringing you on the phone before you pick it up (guessing it‘s your best mate who always rings on a certain day at a certain time is cheating).

Lastly, as psychics have one or more of these abilities at any given time, it’s amazing they manage to live in the physical world at all. If you want to find out more about Psychics, click here.


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