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Zener Cards

Zener Cards

Ever fancied testing your own psychic abilities? You do, well why not make yourself some Zener cards?

These cards were designed by Psychologist Karl Zener early 1930s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine. They are usually used to conduct experiments for extra-sensor perception (ESP) particularly clairvoyance.

There are 25 cards in a pack and each card has one of four symbols on them usually a star, waves, a plus sign, a square or a circle. So in each pack there are four star cards, four circle cards and so on.

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To Make Your Own Zener Cards.

You’ll need 25 identical pieces of white card – about the size of playing cards and thick enough so the light doesn’t shine through enabling the person taking the test to see the symbols.

A Pen

On one card draw a star, on the other a wave, on the next a circle, then a square on the following card, lastly draw a plus sign. Do this 5 times for each symbol.

You should have five cards for each symbol, giving a total of 25 cards.

Now for the The Test. First you need a friend!

Get them to shuffle the pack. They then need to pick up a card and note the design – obviously they don’t show you the card. Using your intuition you tell them what card you think they picked. They then return the card to the pack; shuffle the pack and pick a card for you to guess again.

Parapsychologists believe that if you are guessing rather than using psychic abilities you should expect to get 20% (1 hit per 5 tries) of the cards right. The higher above 20% you can get correct the less likely your results are occurring by chance alone.

However, don’t assume just because you don’t get a good score you can’t be psychic there are many different types of psychic phenomena and this test may simply not pick-up on your special skills.

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