Relationship Success for Couples

How To Stay In Love

Tells you all about yourself – how you behave as a partner

What you need to know about how to attract a mate and keep them, how to understand and manage their 'rough edges', and how to stay in love and interested in one another.

Relationship Success can also tell you all about your partner or potential partner - if you chose it as a combined report for both yourself and a partner, which is highly recommended!

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Each report details the way a person behaves and relates to their partner:

  • Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs
  • Feelings and Inclinations *
  • Self-worth and Determination
  • Forcefulness and Sex-Drive
  • How a Partner Thinks and Communicates
  • Beliefs and Standards
  • Learning Curve and Hard-Won Assets
  • How What a Partner Puts Out Equals What They Get Back*

*Section not included if birth time not known

If you are currently single - order a Relationship Success report for yourself or a potential partner.
If you are in a relationship or are contemplating one – using both your own and your partner’s birth details get a combined version Relationship Success for two persons.

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