Russia's Spooky City

Published: Wednesday, 19 February 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

With the winter Olympics up and running (or should that be up and skiing), Russia seems to be centre stage at the moment. Yet, nothing in the Olympics could compare with a strange event that seems to have happened in the Republic of Bashkortostan. According to reports, villagers from Starosubhangulovo in the region of Burzian, saw and photographed what appeared to be a ‘ghost’ town. Darigat Yamalov, said he saw the apparition which seems to have lasted several hours. He was driving with friends, when he saw the buildings which appeared where no construction had been previously. Naturally, he stopped the car and was shocked to see a city. Darigat said;

‘The sky was blue-green ... We could even see a plane, a different plane (a specific model) with double wings’.

Darigat said;

Local librarian, Farida Aitbaeva, also described the scene;

‘The streets were visible; houses, roofs, windows open. I believe there is some sort of portal that opens into parallel worlds’.

In an interview for the local newspaper Darigat, Imam-Khatib - Rasul Muhamedyanov the Mullah of the local mosque commented;

‘We cannot say exactly what it was, but maybe it was one of those wonders, a prodigy of end times. It may be something sacred’.

Not everyone is convinced the phenomena is supernatural. Prof  Inber Yaparov, believes the strange sight was only a mirage of the city of Orenburg, which lies near the border of Kazakhstan.

Russia's Spooky City
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