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Scorpio 2015 Horoscope

You can let out a sigh of relief as this year begins Scorpio, because Saturn the planet of restriction has moved out of your sign as 2015 dawns. However he will revisit you between mid-June and mid-September of this year, when you could be tested again when it comes to any individual project shall working upon, or you may once again sense a feeling of limitation and difficulty. Your ideas are going to continue to be very important this year, and the way you express yourself. Yet they could be moments of tension and stress with your co-ruler Pluto clashing with Uranus for seven months this year, the first five and the last two. This suggests the anything you are working upon you need to pace yourself and not try to scatter your energies too thinly. Financially you also need to take greater care of your resources. If you tend to enjoy retail therapy and splashing cash on the occasional trash, this will lose its lustre. Being much more sensible about your approach to the foundations of your world will become a theme. Yet your career can continue to blossom through to August if you put in the hard work.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2015

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