Horoscopes 2015


For many, 2014 may have so far felt like a book you are ploughing halfway through, struggling to finish. Although there maybe no opportunity to put it down and return at a later date, there is nothing to stop you sneaking a peak at 2014's ending!

Well, here is the astrological equivalent of this, for those of you who want to know how 2014 ends and catch a preview of the 2015 follow-up to the universe's 'never-ending story'!

As 2014 comes to an end, it leaves us planetary wise in a very interesting place. For 2014 may have so far been a slow burner for some, plagued with delays, setbacks and restrictions, but the plot definitely quickens up in 2015. As December brings with it the usual wrapping up of Christmas presents, there is definitely a sense of tying up many of 2014's loose ends in a pretty red bow, ready for a fresh start in 2015. With new beginnings signified by October's Solar Eclipse in Scorpio pre-empting Saturn's departure from the Sign into Sagittarius in December, it seems Saturn's work here is done and new changes are afoot.

While December 22nd sees the Sun exiting the carefree Sign of Sagittarius and entering the more responsible Sign of Capricorn, as a transition from a Mutable to Cardinal Sign is always noticeable, actions step out of the shadows and onto the runway. However, this crossover is particularly evident, as not only does the Sun fall on 0 degree Capricorn on the 22nd, but the New Moon joins the Sun at this critical degree. So expect fireworks, as there is a build-up of Capricorn energy with Mercury, Venus and Pluto still residing in this Sign. Capricorn is symbolised by the mountain-climbing goat, and with this combination, he might have enough stamina to get to his position of wealth and power at the top of that mountain, but watch out when the mountain starts crumbling! For with Uranus in shocking Aries also moving forward on the 22nd and a hindering Libra North Node, expect nothing less than earth-quaking eruptions, furious fires or an army invading that mountain.

Although events may be spectacular, on a positive note, earthy Capricorn's last actions churn up the ground ready for new developments to spring up, as practical Capricorn is concerned with building stability, particularly through governing, financial provisions, law enforcement and building industries. So, as December ends, it literally is out with the old and in with the new, as Capricorn is the 'old acquaintance be forgot'. The first few days of the New Year sees Venus and Mercury join Mars in the unique sign of Aquarius. This will bring an indefinable feeling of lessening the load, with a burst of this airy Sign. This, coupled with Pluto's driving force, taking more of a backseat now other planets have moved from Capricorn into Aquarius.

There will be a general shift of focus from less materialistic attitudes to a more humanitarian and spiritual outlook, as Aquarius forces us to consider new ways of doing things. This Sign encourages us to be innovative and embrace technology, but some of these new ideas may seem a little too leftfield, and could cause upheaval, as a glitch comes at the beginning of January, as impulsive Jupiter in Leo makes a standoff against angry Mars in Aquarius. This transit can signify demonstrations, rioting and uprisings to ruling powers, as well as explosions, freak lightning, rail or air travel incidents or technological viruses and breakdowns. However, with Mars moving speedily through Aquarius, it quickly passes Jupiter's stationary position.

Although now Saturn is in Sagittarius, a spotlight will continue to shine on modes of transport and the travel industry. As 2014 saw several major accidents, Saturn will help to implement stricter rules in this area. This is not the only area Sagittarius will begin to modify, as while Saturn was in Scorpio, misdemeanours and errors in judgement and spending were exposed, and now with Saturn in judicial Sagittarius, these injustices will start to be addressed. In particular, Sagittarius will shake up the Clergy and Religion, Journalism, Universities and Higher education, the Legal process and international matters. These international matters range from finances and the stock market, as Sagittarius rules gambling and speculation, to border control and immigration. For this Sign symbolises the foreigner, so combined with authoritarian Saturn, there will be an implementation of harsher controls on entering the country and access to resources, such as hospital services and their staffing. So, you will see revolutionizing within these sectors, but with a challenging Neptune in Pisces, there will still be deception and difficulty in distinguishing issues and finding correct solutions.

However, as Sagittarius and Pisces are said to have shared the planetary ruler, Neptune, there is a continued emphasis on the mystical and philosophical, as well as healing and selfless acts. This continues from January to March, as Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury all follow each other entering the spiritual Sign of Pisces, this being a good time to mull over the best course of action and conserve energy. You could say the signal is flashing amber, as it is a period in which to get those Pisces ruled feet hovering over the pedal ready for action, until forceful Aries pushes the pedal to the metal. As from 20th February, Venus unites with Aries ruled Mars, with March seeing things speed up a notch as the Sun and Mercury enter this assertive Sign too. With a Total Solar Eclipse on the 20th March in compassionate Pisces, confirming the new direction we are universally heading in during 2015.

So, as 2014 continues, it can be seen as preparation for the contest in 2015, when we unite in a 'eurovision' that sees society's beliefs turnaround and 'a total eclipse is the start'!

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