Spanish Football Stars

Published: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Last year Diego Simeone helped his team Atletico Madrid, to win the Spanish Cup. This year, they could win the League or even the Champions League.

How does one of Europe’s highest-rated coaches get the guys to score the goals? He does the usual things, like giving his players pep talks and encouraging them to get a good night’s rest before matches. Yet equally, Diego isn’t scared of trying something different to get results, and he uses Bikram yoga which is practiced at 40 degree temperatures to keep himself fit for his job. Furthermore, it seems he looks to the heavens for help too. Before he signs a player, he checks their horoscope to make sure they will be an asset to his team. This is good news if you want to play for Atletico Madrid and are a Gemini, because he thinks Gemini’s are particularly good football players.

When he was asked the by Spanish magazine Jotdown, if he believed in horoscopes, the Argentine born coach said that he did.

‘Yes…Because the characteristics, the personalities are the same. Gemini’s are aggressive, changeable, intense. The characteristics of people according to their star sign are similar, and we pay attention to how we can get the best out of them. I like brave people’.

His methods seem to work. In just over two years at Atletico, he has taken a previously disorganised and unmotivated squad and turned them into serious competitors for the La Liga and Champions League trophies.

Spanish Football Stars
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