17th March - St Patrick's Day

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17th March - St Patrick's Day

Irish eyes will be smiling as they celebrate St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick was born in 372, although exactly where is something of a mystery. His original name is not certain either, he may have been called Maenwyn only to have his name changed by Pope Celestine later in his life.

Captured by pirates and sold into slavery

Poor Patrick was unfortunate enough to be captured by pirates and sold into slavery; he was taken to Ireland and stayed there for seven years before becoming a bishop and returning later in his career. He converted the Irish to Christianity and famously used a shamrock to explain the notion of The Trinity to his perplexed congregation. He is also credited with banishing all the snakes from Ireland, although modern naturalists doubt there were ever any in the country in the first place. 

Noah enters the ark today

Saint Patrick does not have this day to himself; he shares it with the commemoration of Noah’s entry in the ark. The writers of medieval mystery plays loved this story and their plays were widely performed on this day. The most popular plays frequently showed Noah arguing with his domineering wife whilst his sons stand by watching helplessly.

Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig!

17th March - St Patrick's Day

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