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December 21st - Yule

Published: Tuesday, 20 December 2016 , contact Patrick on Google+, Facebook or Email.
December 21st - Yule

Yule is a moveable feast because it is dependent on the date of the solstice. This year it falls on the 21st December but it could fall anywhere from the 20th to the 23rd. 

Shortest Day

In the north it is the time when the days have reached their shortest, and even though summer seems a long way off winter has passed its darkest time. For some Pagans, such as Druids, this sees the rebirth of The Oak King or the Sun King, and as such it is a time for renewal.

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Heathen Pagans

Heathen Pagans (followers of the Saxon and Viking traditions) tend to celebrate for twelve nights and days, beginning on Mother’s Night (the night before the solstice) when their female ancestors are honoured. Pagan celebrations vary widely, but many Christmas traditions are based on pre-existing Pagan ones, so Yule celebrations would look familiar to many people.

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If you visit a Pagan home at this time you can expect to see candles, holly, mistletoe and ivy decorating the home, you may also see a decorated tree or branches, and there is sure to be a feast consisting of good food and plenty to drink - mulled wine and mead being particularly popular. 

December 21st - Yule

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