January - Rendlesham Forest Incident

Published: Sunday, 1 January 2017 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

‘Ever heard of the Rendlesham Forest Incident?” James asked. I knew James (not his real name) had lived in Suffolk and that he is a sensible soul, so I was curious to hear his take on events, but first a little background information.

Incident at RAF Woodbridge

In December 1980 Lieutenant Colonel Charles Holt submitted a report regarding a strange incident at RAF Woodbridge. In the early hours of the 27th December two patrolmen saw a strange light which they believed was a crashed aircraft; three guards were sent out to discover what had happened. They reported a triangular glowing metallic object which disappeared as they approached it, leaving strange marks in the ground. On the 29th and 30th of the same month a strange red light was seen in the forest which appeared to cast off glowing particles which then turned into white objects. The white objects continued to appear for a couple of hours, occasionally beaming down a stream of white light.

UFOs in the area

Various suggestions have been put forward to explain the events; including meteors, lights from a tractor and a lighthouse. I pointed this out to James. He wasn’t convinced. On the 29th he’d left the local pub and was travelling home only to find his usual road home barricaded (it stayed that way for about a week) and police cars and an ambulance blocking his path. He asked what was happening, but guards at the barricade wouldn’t respond. It was only later he read about the UFOs in the area. James was curious and he went back into the wood as soon as possible. He soon found the clearing; there were no scorch marks and no damaged trees, although some trees appeared to have been removed. I asked him if he’d noticed anything else odd. He said not.

I wondered what James thought had happened. He believes a Russian pilot may have defected and overshot the runway, crashing in the process. Or some experimental plane could have come down. What do you think?

January - Rendlesham Forest Incident

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