May 22nd - St.Quiteria

Published: Sunday, 22 May 2016 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Logophiles will be in their element as we introduce you to St.Quiteria whose feast day is today.

St.Quiteria was what is known as a cephalophore, which is a saint who carried their own head around with them in their hands as opposed to the usual position (other cephalophores include St.Solange and St.Valerie). Anyway, back to St.Quiteria. St.Quiteria was one of nine nonuplet sisters, after they were born their mother was so horrified at having produced so many children in one go, she ordered that they should all be drowned. The family maid who was a Christian decided against this course of action and handed her charges to a monk. St.Quiteria and her sisters were brought up as Christians and in due course became guerrilla warrior maidens fighting the Romans.

St.Quiteria was caught and beheaded

Finally, St.Quiteria was caught and beheaded, then for good measure her remains were cast into the sea. You can’t keep a good saint down and Quiteria emerged from the waves carrying her head and spoke so sweetly that two rabid dogs rolled over and let her pet them. She is particularly venerated in Portugal and is the patron saint of those afflicted with rabies. 

May 22nd - St.Quiteria

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