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St Andrews Eve Sorcery

Published: Monday, 11 November 2013 , contact Patrick on Google+, Facebook or Email.

Scots like David Tennant, Robert Carlyle and Alan Cumming, will know that the 30th November is St. Andrew’s Day. St Andrew lived in the 1st century; he was a fisherman and one of Christ’s earliest followers. As you might expect in Scotland, the saint’s day is a time for celebrations and a welcome bank holiday. 

Nevertheless, Scotland is not alone in commemorating the life of this popular saint, and all over Europe St. Andrew’s Day and the night that precedes it, is a time for magic and mystery.

In German, Austrian, Polish and Romanian folklore, St. Andrew’s Eve is a magical time when someone can enhance their psychic abilities to foresee who their future partner will be, or even use charms to win their ideal lover.

In Germany, a St. Andrew’s Eve tradition claims that the shape produced when molten metal is poured into cold water foretells the profession of one’s future partner.

In Austria, young women who wanted a spouse would drink wine and then perform a spell, called Andreasgebet, while naked and kicking a straw bed.  

In Romania, singletons put 41 grains of wheat beneath their pillow before they go to sleep; if they dream that someone is coming to steal their grains, they will get married next year.

Humm, speaking to a psychic seems a much simpler way to seek some relationship advice.

St Andrews Eve Sorcery
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