St Andrews Eve Sorcery

Published: Monday, 11 November 2013 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Scots like David Tennant, Robert Carlyle and Alan Cumming, will know that the 30th November is St. Andrew’s Day. St Andrew lived in the 1st century; he was a fisherman and one of Christ’s earliest followers. As you might expect in Scotland, the saint’s day is a time for celebrations and a welcome bank holiday. 

Nevertheless, Scotland is not alone in commemorating the life of this popular saint, and all over Europe St. Andrew’s Day and the night that precedes it, is a time for magic and mystery.

In German, Austrian, Polish and Romanian folklore, St. Andrew’s Eve is a magical time when someone can enhance their psychic abilities to foresee who their future partner will be, or even use charms to win their ideal lover.

In Germany, a St. Andrew’s Eve tradition claims that the shape produced when molten metal is poured into cold water foretells the profession of one’s future partner.

In Austria, young women who wanted a spouse would drink wine and then perform a spell, called Andreasgebet, while naked and kicking a straw bed.  

In Romania, singletons put 41 grains of wheat beneath their pillow before they go to sleep; if they dream that someone is coming to steal their grains, they will get married next year.

Humm, speaking to a psychic seems a much simpler way to seek some relationship advice.

St Andrews Eve Sorcery
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